Do you have an older house you’d like to renovate so it can feel new and homey once more? Whether you have a higher budget or want to avoid huge expenses, there are ways to help make your home look and feel like you just bought it!

Wondering how? Check out these awesome tips on how you can upgrade your home.

  1. Entrance makeover

Give your front entrance area a fresher and more updated look. You can do this by painting your front door with glossy exterior paint so it stands out and becomes your home’s focal point. I recommend choosing a vibrant color, like red, giving it the best visual appeal.

Besides this, consider adding a new and brushed-nickel doorknob set, door knocker, and kick plate. If you want to amplify your entrance’s prominence, place a 4-foot potted topiary on both sides of the entrance door and add in new light fixtures in varieties, complementing your home’s overall style.

After that, finish it off with a brand-new doormat that matches the entrance design, giving it a whole new look and feel.

  1. Update your old outlets

This might seem insignificant, but this small detail can make your old house feel new. Plus, it’s a cheaper way to give your home an upgrade. Homes have had a lot of different outlets, plates, and light switches, and after doing other upgrades, they end up looking old, yellowed, or even cracked with paint.

Updating your outlets will lift up the drab home and having rooms feel newer.

  1. Replace your hardware

Update your hardware and replace it. When replacing your hardware, it gives a more serious effect on the house. This will definitely give your home a newer and more modern look. Don’t just replace outlets and switches, but the door handles, faucets, and the like!

  1. Bathroom facelift

Update your bathroom to give your home a completely fresh appeal. Paint your bathroom walls with a new coat of paint that comes in a light, neutral shade, making the bathroom appear larger than it is.

Also, add a new vanity to the space in an oak or hickory finish. You may want to select a painted vanity instead for a crisper and more updated appearance, though.

Have a large bathroom mirror installed, with a wooden finish coordinating with your new vanity or the seamless appearance, and have a vessel or 27-inch undermount sink for a clean look. You may want to invest in a new toilet that comes in a neutral shade and travertine flooring for more of a shine.

Besides the bathroom design, you might want to make a few changes to the plumbing and conduct any repairs or upgrades as needed. For instance, if you don’t have hot water yet, hire hot water installers for them to do the job. Have your whole bathroom checked if it requires any necessary repairs to avoid any leaks that can totally ruin the design?

  1. Living room upgrade

Give your main room the ultimate feel by repainting the walls to give it a more expansive look, choosing lighter shades. Gray, cream, or tan will also do wonders!

Besides that, consider adding painted and white moldings around the windows and doors for a newer look, along with a new coat of white paint on your ceiling.

If you can, remove the old flooring, replacing it with hardwood or carpet floors, matching the shade with the walls to make your room appear more spacious. Hardwood floors give a more contemporary feel!

  1. Add lighting

Nothing would brighten up spaces more than lighting! Add table lamps or floor lamps to your lounge, and add more light shadesto your bedside. This can truly brighten up living areas and other rooms. You may want to consider replacing the overhead lighting in the kitchen and bathroom as well if they are now outdated.

For the living area, you can add new lighting, such as an oil-rubbed and bronze chandelier on high ceilings. Or, you can place two wall sconces on the sides of your fireplace (if you have one) for more style.

  1. Rearrange the furniture

If you’re on a budget, rearranging the furniture might be all that’s needed for a simple home makeover. Move the furniture around strategically so your space will have a whole new feel. Plus, it will give you some exercise and have you excited for what your house will look like as if you did major renovations!

You’ll be surprised that rearranging the furniture will have your home feel like a new one.

  1. Deep clean

Another affordable way to spruce up your home is by giving it the deep cleaning it deserves. This might be all you need to do to reinvigorate the house, along with some moving of furniture.

A complete spring-cleaning session won’t only help give your home a cleaner and newer look, but decluttering will help your physical and mental health, too.
Wrapping It Up

I hope that all these tips on giving your home an upgrade helped you out! If you are planning to do a bit of work around the house, try any of these tips but make sure you begin the process with proper planning. Good luck!

Do you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on upgrading your home? Share them in the comments section below, your thoughts are much appreciated.