History is an important part of all of us as human beings. We give it a lot of respect and think we need to learn it. Here are some great historical facts. For more historical facts we subject you will visit history.com or read this great blog post about history.

Worshipping of turkeys

In the 300BC, turkeys were worshipped by the Mayan people. Sacrifices and offerings were offered to them as a sign of honor and worship. Turkeys symbolized power and respect to the Mayans and dates, and they still believe that rearing turkeys may bring good luck and fortune. Perhaps this is the main reason turkeys are reared birds in many parts of Africa and India but rarely fed on.

Art was part of the Olympics

Art used to take place in the Olympics from 1912 to 1948. Fine arts, painting, music, and architecture were part of activities in the Olympics, and medals were given to the winners. By 1948, 151 medals had been given to winners for various capabilities in art. The only requirement was that the art produced or drawn was to have an Olympic theme.

Ching Shih, a lady, was the most successful pirate in history

Many would expect that piracy only revolves around the world of men. However, Ching Shih, who was a lady, was the most successful pirate in history. She was initially a prostitute in China until she got married to the commander of the red flag fleet, a pirate.

The commander had heard about her epic encounters and even considered her his equal after marriage. When the commander passed on, she took over the fleet as the commander.

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Female gladiators existed

Unlike the male gladiators who were common in Rome, there existed female ones too, known as Gladiatrix. Even better, they served the same tasks as executing unlawful individuals, participating in warfare, and fighting in pits for kings and queens.

Elephants were used to execute criminals in ancient Asia

Elephants are clever animals. For this reason, they were trained on ways to execute individuals who were considered criminals. They were taught to slowly break bones and crush skulls with their big feet, and even using tasks. History states that this method was used until the 19th century.

Avengers existed

When the name Avengers comes up, many think of the heroes of box office movies. In real life, Avengers existed in the form of Jewish soldiers who were assassins. They hunted the Nazi war criminals after World War 2. They are known for the poisoning of 2,283 German POWs.

A fake Paris was built by the French in World War 1

During World War 1, the French built a fake Paris city to confuse the German bombing pilots from above. This included all sculptures and train systems that resemble Paris. We can only imagine how much it cost to build such a city then