Some drivers, especially car enthusiasts, get super attached to their cars and prioritize them over everything.

Other drivers, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about their car’s needs and only view them as means of transportation.

However, your precious vehicle can get worn out quickly if you don’t provide it with the care it requires to sell your car in Dubai.

Maintaining your vehicle not only extends its durability but also reflects your sense of responsibility, making it paramount to take the utmost care of your car.

It’s essential to get yourself acquainted with some crucial tips on car maintenance:

1.  Inspect Your Tires

It’s a well-known fact that tires are considered one of the most prominent car features; thus, weekly inspection is essential and could possibly save your life.

Check the list of recommended tire pressures in your car’s handbook to inflate or deflate your tires accordingly because under-inflated tires are less fuel efficient.

Front-wheel traction loss is much easier to manage than rear-wheel traction loss, which is why installing the least-worn tires in the back axle is greatly recommended.

2.  Carry Less Weight

Extra unnecessary weight will do nothing except bring bad news for you and your car.

Carrying extra weight makes your tires more susceptible to wear-and-tear and suspension. Bad news doesn’t stop there; doing so might also break your bank, as replacing your tires too often is costly.

The reasonable solution is to throw away unnecessary heavy objects from your car to minimize weight. Moreover, it will also add value to your vehicle if you get a car valuation in Dubai.

3.  Never Drive Over Potholes And Cracks

Potholes are drivers’ worst common enemy. Not only is it annoying to drive over them, but it also causes significant damage to your poor car tires. In severe cases, deflation of the tires is bound to occur.

Always avoid driving over them to ensure the safety of your car tires before selling your vehicle to used car buyers in Dubai.

4.  Make Sure Your Fuel Tank Isn’t Empty

Driving with an almost empty fuel tank is one of the biggest mistakes you can commit.

Lack of petrol in the tank forces air to be drawn into the fuel pump, causing unwanted material to block the system. This will eventually clog the fuel, preventing your engine from starting due to the erosion of the pump and filters.

It’s best to avoid all these complications by constantly refilling your fuel tank and making sure it never runs low on fuel.

5.  Replace Leads and Spark Plugs Often

Due to the high maintenance of vehicles, people have become less likely to fix their own car or change its oils.

However, to save up some money, some repairs are easy to do, such as replacing some car parts or the regular refilling of fluids.

To improve your engine’s performance, replacing spark plugs and leads is an effortless job you can do on your own with the guide of a vehicle handbook.

A wearied-out spark plug either suggests that it needs replacing or notifies you of your engine’s condition.

6.  Change Your Car’s Filters Regularly

How can we prevent the car engine from breaking down? The answer is simple- renewing the air and oil filters regularly.

Yes, the mechanics usually change your car filters; However, there’s no harm in saving up some money and doing this easy yet straightforward task yourself.

Cleaning your air filters often also increases their durability.

7.  Avoid Modifying Your Car

Although adding new modifications to your car might seem cool initially, it’s actually more harmful than you think.

Modifying your car not only shortens its life expectancy but also decreases its reliability. Tuning one mechanical part might put pressure on the other components, making it a big drawback.

All in all, taking good care of your vehicle and avoiding certain mistakes prolongs its life, something all drivers should consider