More than 60% of a dog’s health depends upon how active the dog is. If your dog is not doing any fun activity then that would affect the health conditions of your dog. Having a fur friend doesn’t just mean that you have to feed that friend and that’s it rather there are so many other responsibilities. Depending upon the required level of exercise of your dog, you should always plan some games of fun activities with your dog. This would be fun for you and even your dog would enjoy the whole session throughout the time which is just so amazing.

Spring is about to jump in so we would be discussing the best games to play with your dog in the spring season. This would help you in deciding about the best activities with your dog so that things could be smooth for you. There are so many interesting games that both you and your pet would enjoy playing together. You can be selective about the game as different dogs require different activities. Getting involved in games with your dog would even make the bonding very strong between you two. Here are petnurturing brought some fun games and activities that you can do with your dog during in this spring season:

Socializing with other dogs in a good dog park:

The first thing that is very important for all dogs is to get socialized with at least other dogs. Here you can take your dog to a good dog park so that your dog can meet and play with other dogs. This would be so much fun for your dog and even you would get to meet a lot of new dogs in the dog park. This is the best activity that you can do with your dog during the spring season or in any other season.

Nothing can be better than a good swimming day with your dog:

If you cannot just think about any activity with your dog then just go for good swimming. This cannot be done on a regular basis if your dog has a dense and long coat but you can make your dog swim twice a week. This would prove to be a good exercise for your dog and dogs are born swimmers so you don’t even have to bother about teaching swimming. You can also play with a ball inside the swimming pool with your dog.

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What about good camping with your dog?

Camping is a very subjective activity and here you have to be very specific with the breed of dog. If you have a medium to large size dog the camping cam is the best option for you. Here your dog would get to enjoy a lot of things and it would be a fun activity for you as well. You can also get your dog for good hiking while you decide to camp for a day or night. Make sure you use good insect repellents on your dog’s body so that your friend could be safe from insects. Also, you should always let your dog sleep inside the camping tent so that no wild animal could harm your furry buddy.

A road race with your pet is the best thing that you could do:

Letting your dog be with more humans would make your dog calm and your dog would not tend to get aggressive easily. If you also intend to make your dog fond of humans then you can get your dog for a road race. Here the entire road would be occupied with racers who would be running at a minimal speed so nothing would be dangerous. You have to run the race with your dog but make sure you use a harness and leash here so that your dog could not get lost.

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Tug of war is great for most dogs as they enjoy this game a lot:

If you are inside the home and don’t want to go outside but playing with your dog is important then you can try tug of war. Here you have to bring a strong fabric so that you can play the game with your dog. This is one of the most favorite activities that dogs love to do and this game can be played inside the house as well. Here you have to let your dog pull the fabric cloth from you. Make sure you don’t put too much pressure as that can hurt your dog’s teeth.

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Fetching is our personal favorite that is appropriate for all seasons:

No matter if it is spring, winter, or any other season but you can still play fetch with your dog. This is one of the most common games that almost all dogs just love to play. Even you would enjoy playing this game with your dog which is just so good. Here you can have anything like a ball or a stick that your dog likes and then you have to throw that ball away. You can command your dog to fetch the ball and your dog would bring that ball back to you. Few rounds of this game would complete the daily exercise of your dog.

Search for the treat might be your dog’s favorite game of all time:

Dogs are real foodies and even if they don’t like their usual meals they cannot just refuse the treats. There are so many treats that your dog would relish and your need to find the favorite treat to play this game. Here you just have to make your dog sniff the treat and then hide the treat somewhere in the house. Make sure you always hide the treat in a place that is reachable to your dog. Now just let your dog find the treat and enjoy it later. This would engage your dog for a very long time and it would also increase the dog’s intelligence level.


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