Eye problems are scary. They can leave you with permanent blindness. When the stakes are so high, you better take good care of your eyes. But, some people don’t understand the importance of optimum eye health.

Good vision helps you get on with life without being dependant on someone else. And to preserve your vision for years to come, you need regular eye exams. A comprehensive eye test can rule out problems in your vision and prevent you from serious, vision-threatening eye diseases.

If you are too lazy or too careless to do something for your eyes, you might have to pay a big price in the future. So, we are telling you 7 signs or problems in your vision that you should not ignore. so kindly try the custom eyes for better vision and also for your eyes safety.

Flashes & floaters

Floaters are gnat-like black shadows that float in your field of vision. This is a common thing to happen when you’re looking at a bright background such as a white wall or the blue sky. Although most people experience this problem, when it is accompanied by flashes of light, you better get an eye test as soon as you can.

These signs are most commonly associated with posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) or retinal detachment which can leave you blind if not treated quickly.

If the numbers of floaters increase or you spot a distinct pattern of floaters in your vision, then you need immediate medical attention.

Persistent eye redness

Tired eyes look red. It’s normal for your eyes to look bloodshot after a long day at work. But, if your eyes are always this way, then there is something wrong.

Despite some common causes behind eye redness, it could also be a result of something more serious, especially when it’s accompanied by eye pain, swelling, unusual discharge, itchiness or visual disturbance.

Those who wear contact lenses for prolonged hours are more likely to get eye redness. Thus, you need to make sure that you don’t wear contacts when your eyes become red as it can irritate them even further and may even disrupt the moisture balance in your eyes.

If you’ve developed an eye infection, talk to your eye specialist in Dubai and seek immediate help. And avoid using contacts for a while. You can shop for online glasses and fit your prescription in the lenses. This will relieve your eyes for a while and they’ll heal quicker.

Bleeding eyes

Some of you might think that it’s not actually a problem, but it is. Your eyes bleed when the delicate blood vessels under the surface get damaged or break. When this happens, you’ll notice that the white part of your eyeball has turned red.

Although this problem can arise from something as normal as sneezing or coughing too hard, if your eyes turn red after an ocular or head injury, you need to see an eye doctor. It indicates that there’s bleeding in the brain which should be treated immediately.

Eye pain

Eye pain can occur due to many reasons. You could be spending a lot of time at your computer lately or maybe you have an eye infection.

While these are some of the reasons behind normal eye pain, if the pain increases or gets hard to bear, then you must not ignore it. You can use blue light glasses to avoid blue light coming from computer screen

If the eye pain comes on suddenly or if it lasts longer than usual, it could be a sign of something more serious than digital eye strain. Thus, you need to get an eye test to rule out the cause and treat the problem from its roots.

Foreign object in the eye

When something gets in your eyes, your first reaction is to rub your eyes to combat the gritty sensation. However, you should never rub your eyes as it could lead to greater damage. Instead, wash your eyes as it will flush out the object from your eyes.

But, if all your efforts to wash out the culprit get wasted, then you should see an eye doctor. And if you come across visual disturbances, redness or severe eye pain after the event, then you shouldn’t wait to get your eyes checked.

Blurry vision

The most common reason behind the blurry vision is inadequate moisture levels in your eyes. This condition is named “dry eyes’ which can result from certain medications, environmental factors or excessive screen time.

Pregnant women or avid contact lens wearers are more likely to develop dry eyes. Make sure to report any change in your vision to your doctor as it could be a sign of gestational diabetes or high blood pressure.

If your vision becomes blurry suddenly or your visual acuity declines, it could be a sign of inflammation of the optic nerve or excessive pressure around your brain or spinal cord. This needs the attention of a medical expert and should not be left untreated.

Watery eyes

Your eyes produce tears to wash out the dirt or debris lying on the surface and give you a clear vision. However, if they start to produce excessive amounts of tears lately, then it definitely is a problem for you.

If your eyes are always watery, it’s not normal. Excessive tear production in the eyes is a symptom of a severe problem called dry eyes. The tears that are produced are of low quality and don’t help your vision.

When it comes to your eyes, it’s best to move with caution. Make sure you have an eye out for these vision problems and consult an eye doctor immediately if anything unusual happens with your vision.