Nobody likes a clogged drain, it is the breeding ground of bacteria, viruses and germs. If you are looking for quick and easy ways of drain cleaning, then this article is for you.

You may find different ways of sewage cleaning, but the following 6 points are some of the easy methods to do it. These methods do not demand much expertise and costly equipment. If these methods do not work, you should take sewage cleanup professional help.

1. Baking Soda and Vinegar

The combination of vinegar and baking soda is very popular in Australia. It is used to unclog drains. It can remove minor clogging such as the bathroom and sink clogs. 

First, you have to pour boiling water down the drain. After that, pour half a cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar with hot water. The mixture will create bubbles. Leave it for one hour, and you can check the condition later by running hot water through the channel again. 

2. Using Washing Soda 

If baking soda does not clean the drain, use washing soda or sodium carbonate. It is an excellent DIY solution to unclog the drain.

The sewage cleanup process is very simple. Please pour hot water down the drain, then pour one cup of washing soda followed by another cup of boiling water. You may have to repeat the process until the water drains out regularly.   

3. Using a Wet/Dry Vacuum 

Do you have a wet/dry vacuum? Great! This tool makes the drain cleaning process easier. It is a one-time whip to unclog the drain within 5 minutes. Moreover, it can clean both solid and liquid water dirt. It can suck out waste from blocked drains.

Please create a seal over the plughole. Once done, turn on the vacuum machine at the highest suction level. Please continue it for a minute or two. Now turn off the machine and check if the water runs smoothly through the channel.

4. Soda Substitute

Do you know that Coca Cola, Pepsi can help you more than quench your thirst? These soda substitutes are great elements to fix the clogged drains. Get a bottle of 2 liters of Coke and pour it on the drain. It is an effective way to clear away the buildup. However, it may not provide an effective drain cleaning experience like other DIY methods.

5. Caustic Soda 

Caustic soda is harsher than its natural alternatives of sodium hydroxide. Please wear eyeglasses and rubber gloves to avoid mishaps. You need to be careful handling these chemicals during sewage cleanup.

First, mix 3 cups of caustic soda with 3-quarters of a gallon of cold water. Now mix it well with a wooden spoon. Now pour the mixture down the drain and leave it for half an hour. Once the mixture dries down, pour hot water down the drain to remove the mixture. You can repeat the process for a better cleaning experience.

6. Bent Hanger 

The main reason for clogged bathroom drains is hair fall. If you face this issue, then bent wire hangers can solve this problem. The hook of the hanger can be pushed down to remove the clogged elements, or you can take them out with the hook. Indeed it is a very effective process for drain cleaning.

7. Professional Help

However, if you face a bigger issue such as septic tank bursts, pipe bursts, and leakages due to malfunction in the plumbing system, you should seek professional advice for sewage cleanup. You can try DIY solutions, but it would be better to hire professional services for such cleaning.

Sewage backflow is a source of black water, which is injurious to your health. Besides that, it may damage the foundation of your house if left untreated. Whether you are facing this issue in your residential or commercial premises, you can call us for Sewage Cleaning Sydney services.

We do not apply DIY solutions; instead, our professionals use industry-grade equipment to complete the process within a couple of hours. If you need our services, you can call us for an express booking.