When gifting their loved ones, people always put much thought into picking out the appropriate gift. However, few people take time to consider the gift wrap they will use. Nothing beats the sparkle of joy on a loved one’s face when you gift them. The anticipation they have as they unwrap your gift is often beyond words. That is why you should make your gift wrap as attractive as the gift itself. Here are seven creative ideas for custom gift packaging. You can also find more inspiration on //www.deepkinglabels.com/.

Creative Ideas for Custom Gift Packaging

1. Polka Dot Wrap

If you want to transform that brown paper into a professional-looking and beautiful gift wrap, you may want to consider painting polka dots on it. The best colors to use are either white or any other random rainbow colors. Depending on the size of your gift or the final look you intend to achieve, you could alternate small and large polka dots.

2. Decoy Gift Wrap

You could use a decoy gift wrap to toy around with your loved one’s anticipation and keep the mystery of the gift until they are done unwrapping it. To do this, you will have to shape your gift into something different, say a turtle or microscope or even a house. To make your surprise better, consider using a shape that your loved one would appreciate less than the actual gift.

3. The Recycling Option

Why incur extra costs when you can recycle and get a creative gift wrap on a budget? Paper shopping bags have proven to be very useful in gift wrapping. However, one pro-tip when using shopping bags is to ensure that you use shopping bags with holiday-themed patterns. This will work to give your gift wrap a festive feel that you cannot achieve with any other ordinary wraps. You could further pimp up your gift using strings or ribbons of your choice, depending on your loved one’s taste.

4. Paper Bows

Bows can be the perfect accessories to give your gift that final fantastic look you are after. Depending on the type of gift and the wrapping you have decided upon, adding a bow should not be hard. All you need is to cut the bow shapes from colored paper. You could further spruce up these bows with glitters or sprinkles, depending on your taste.

5. Yarn Pom-Poms

Another easy-to-do custom gift wrap is the yarn pop-pom. To create them, all you may need is yarn from Mary Maxim. The best thing about yarn pom-poms is that you can customize them based on your favorite colors and how large or small you desire them to be. You can then string them to your already wrapped gift to spruce up its overall look. Yarn pom-poms can improve the look of any package. All you have to do is get creative with your craft.

6. Fiesta Wrap

All you need for this gift wrap is some paint and a cotton tip. You may then paint colorful dots on your plain wrapping paper to achieve a funky, beautiful look that will go in line with any occasion you intend the gift for.

7. Tea Towel Wrap

If you are after a gift wrap that can double up as a gift in itself, this is the most genius idea. Tea towels are ideal wraps for food gifts such as wine, sauce, or vinegar. To achieve the perfect look using this kind of wrapping, wrap the present to take the shape of the gift and finish the whole look with a contrasting ribbon around the gift.

An Easier Way Out

So you want a custom gift wrap but lack the skill or time to pull off the best-inspired gift wrap for your loved one? That should not hinder you from impressing them. Reach out to custom wrap service providers and get professional wrappings that will awe your loved ones.