The history of neckties can be trace back to as early as 3000 years ago when they were worn by the Persians soldiers who wore them to identify themselves as part of a particular group. But today, they are a symbol of a style and an essential clothing piece for the gentlemen who wear them over a suit.

A necktie is a necessity in the wardrobe of a man. Being a professional, you have to appear sophisticated and a tie becomes that accessory which adds substance to your looks. And when it comes the time to attend a formal event like a wedding or dinner, it becomes the part of the dress code.

Nowadays, fashion designers and sports uniforms manufacturers widely use custom patches (embroidered patches) to brand their fashion clothing products. Embroidery is a classic way to modify clothes, jackets, shirts, and caps. A custom patch as a logo looks much better than an ugly tag. In sports, custom iron on patches are commonly used by fans. You can see fans wearing baseball caps with their favourite team’s logo.

In all these affairs, a necktie is your accessory to bring the best out of your look whether you are going to clock in the office or show up in a formal event. But the neckties in your closet are only as good as the custom made patches or labels of brands that are attached to it.

So keeping in mind this important point, we are going to present you some of the top necktie brands that manufacture the chicest neckties in the world. Here they are:

1.    Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren sold neckties before he made the powerhouse of Ralph Lauren Corporation which became one of the largest apparel companies. Apart from the different apparels and accessories that are sold under the custom made patches or labels of his company, he is still making the best neckties a man can buy. The company is known for its silk neckties that are available in range of colors and patterns. You can buy a necktie from this brand at a price between $50 to $250. But we bet the quality is at par than the price.

2.    Turnbull & Asser

If you are a patron of ‘made in England’ brands, then this is one label you can trust to get the top-notch neckties you can wear on a number of occasions. The brand has dressed up the honorable gentlemen like Winston Churchill, Ronal Reagan and Pablo Picasso as well as the Hollywood guys that include Sean Charlie Chaplin, Sean Connery, Daniel Craig, Robert Redford and Heath Ledger.

The company sells the best silk ties in eclectic colors and eye-popping patterns. Besides, you can get the different styles of neckties and pick one that matches your dress code and taste. There is woven silk tie. There is knitted silk tie. There is seven-fold silk tie. And there is bowtie.

Besides, you will find the different patterns like herringbone, houndtooth, jacquard, satin and twill to name a few. All these ties are available at a price range between $50 and $225.

3.    The Charvet

The Charvet is one of the oldest French shirt makers that drapes the gentlemen with high-end clothing. It is known as the first ever company that sells the men’s shirts. But this is not the only claim to fame of this famous brand as it is a highly-regarded brand for the neckties.

In fact, the brand got its name from a certain type of silk tie which was named ‘Charvet’ by people and it is still known by this name. The brand has a strong patronage among the elites and celebrities who swear by the exceptional quality of its neckties. The most notable clientele of this brand includes Prince Charles, Jacques Chirac, Barack Obama and Bruce Willis.

Today, Charvet is a brand of the masses and every man is in love with its line of neckties. The silk jacquard tie is the most elegant tie of this brand that you can buy at a price of $250.

4.    Drake’s

When it is about class and elegance, there are very few brands that match the benchmark of Drake’s. Established in 1977, the company has set the bar high with its handmade ties that are no less than a masterpiece. This brand is for you If you are someone that people look at to call the shots.

Wear them with a power suit for a board meeting to throw an air of sophistication or pair them with a white shirt and tuxedo to exude an aura of sobriety for a formal dinner. But the class comes at a price and this is why the price of the ties are no less than $125.

5.    Roberto Cavalli

If you are snobby about your looks and can’t compromise on the quality, then turn to this brand and you will not get disappointed. These guys are operating since 1975 and have carved their niche in haute couture clothing and ready-to-wear garments.

The ties are available in eclectic designs and have a fresh feel to the eyes. Made from 100% silk, they make any man look dapper. The fall is just perfect and there is never any issue of the puckering. You can pay between $137 to $154 to make a purchase of a fine tie.

6.    Christian Lacroix

This Italian company became an emporium of men’s clothing after its successful dabbling in the tie business. The exquisite design of the design is a true reflection of the Italian craftsmanship. You can get the best ties of your choice since the company has more colors and patterns than any other company.

From nailhead and herringbone to pinstripe and polka dots, you can find any design to match the style of your suit. And there are even more beautiful ties in solid colors. The price can be anything between $200 to $500.

7.    Giorgio Armani

The powerhouse of Armani is not just famous for its high-end apparels but is also a choice of thousands of people when it comes to accessories. The brand has a large collection of ties that fit the style needs of any man. No matter if you need to dress up for a wedding ceremony or an evening gala, the brand has the tie for every occasion.

The ties are made from pure silk, cotton and jacquard and they look just fantastic on any suit. And since it is Armani, the prices are a bit higher. Expect to pay anywhere between $200 to $350.

These are 7 of the best tie brands that you can buy the best tie to pair with a suit in order to get the right look for a formal or semi-formal event.

Embroidery (needle and thread) is the most loved method to decorate clothing items like jackets, shirts, caps, hats, bags, and beanies. Embroidery service providers do embroidery directly on the clothing and make custom embroidered patches for hats, jackets, and shirts. Many people personalize their caps by attaching custom iron no patches on their caps and shirts.