Small companies need a dependable, cost-effective method of managing their accounts. For that reason, determining the ideal accounting & invoicing software for any company becomes challenging & time-consuming. You’ll discover a collection of the top billing software for start-ups, freelancing, & entrepreneurs below.

  1. Freshbooks

FreshBooks is the best business  billing software to prepare  invoice for services rendered. As well as self-employed people, enterprises, agencies, & consultancies. It is the best all-in-one billing and accounting solution.

FreshBooks offers a variety of plans for all types of businesses.

Plans And Pricing:

Lite –  monthly $15 (5 billable customers )

Plus – $25 monthly (50 billable customers)

Premium – Monthly $50 (500 billable customers)

Select – Custom Pricing (500+ billable customers)


  • Invoices are completely customized.
  • Immediately include late fines.
  • Clients are notified when they receive and pay bills.
  • Through the mobile app, you can accept payments, generate invoices, & send bills.
  • Invoices are included in a line item for time worked and expenditures.
  • Invoices can be used to collect deposits.
  • Invoices can be sent in every language, and payments can be made in a variety of currencies. 
  1.  Zoho Books

Are you searching for some organized & simple billing software to use? Check Zoho Invoice. It is cloud-based software designed specifically for small and medium-sized companies. The platform has a range of valuable features to make it easy to browse and use and simple to automate.

Plans And Pricing:

Free- invoice up to 5 clients

Basic — $9 / month ( 50 billable clients)

Standard — $19 /month (500 billable clients)   

Professional- of $29 /month (unlimited clients)


  • Simple-to-use templates.
  • Reminders sent automatically.
  • There are eleven payment gateways available.
  • Accounts payable to foreign clients
  • expense tracking.
  • Customer portal.
  1. Square

Square is most well-known for its point-of-sale (POS) software & payment processing services. However, it is a suitable option for billing & invoicing as well. Square makes it simple to send invoices to customers from any location online.

Plans And Pricing:

There is no monthly cost; just 2.9 % + $0.30 each invoice is charged. This rate increases to 3.5 percent + $0.15 for transactions made with a card.


  • Ensure that all products, discounts, & taxes are consistent.
  • Instantly collect consumer data & insights
  • Maintain real-time tracking of your payments.
  • Customizable tools help your business more effectively.
  1. Tally Prime

Very easily you can design, email & print a professional invoice. With the option to customize the invoice with additional details, you can input your logo and much more according to your requirements. 

Plans And Pricing:

Silver Rental – INR 600 / month (+18% GST).

Silver Perpetual- INR 18,000 (+ 18 percent GST) 

Gold Rental- INR 1,800 (+18% GST)

Gold Perpetual-  INR 54,000 (+18% GST)


  • While you will save the invoice, payables & receivables are handled automatically.
  • Various invoice information like duty ledgers, different ledgers, and so on to eliminate repeated data input.
  • A post-dated transaction may be readily recorded using a post-dated register.
  1. Quickbooks 

Quickbooks is designed to produce several kinds of GST invoices such as Bills of supply, Tax Invoices & e-way bills. There is no need to re-enter information in the e-way Bill site. Additionally,  instantly create electronic invoices & you can also print invoices with QR code & IRN.

Plans And Pricing:

After the 30-day free trial for 4 membership, 

Essential – $40 / month 

Plus-$70/ month 

Advanced- $150 / month


  • Create & distribute personalized invoices, sales orders, & quotes.
  • To save time, you can schedule recurring payments.
  • Maintain records of sales, expenditures, and earnings.
  • Keep an eye on and control your sales tax.
  • Conduct business in various currencies.
  • Establish purchase orders.
  • Monitor the job profitability.
  1. Zoho books

Zoho Books is an easy online accounting application that handles all the essentials: creating and sending invoices, tracking expenditures, syncing bank accounts & creating reports.  However, it also includes a comprehensive set of different accounting tools that scale with your company.

Plans And Pricing:

Standard: up to 5,000 bills/ year

Professional: up to 10,000 bills/ year

Premium: up to 25,000 bills/ year

Elite: may generate up to a million invoices each year


  • A simple, quick, and easy method to send business invoices, create automated recurring invoices, & take online payments.
  • Maintain a record of and classify expenditures.
  • Easily monitor & classify transactions.
  • Allow inventory monitoring & management of items as they enter and exit.
  1. Sage One 

This accounting software assists small company owners in managing their money and enables them to conduct efficient invoicing, financial reporting & accounting.

Plans And Pricing:

The plans are available from $10 to $25 per year


  • Access to your data from every device.
  • Simple financial integration.
  • Phone-based customer assistance.
  • Easily manage your operations via a unified system.


All accounting software is provided to help business owners to manage their accounts for a profitable business.  Get the best software that meets your business’s requirements. Make your business transactions easy with these best billing and invoicing software of 2021.