Birthday celebration brings so much happiness to the birthday person and they would know they are surrounded by their loved one when they are greeted with various surprises on their special day. One of the major aspects of one’s birthday is the decoration, it adds to the fun and excitement. Moreover, balloons are the inseparable part of any birthday celebration. Balloons not only make great birthday decoration but also wonderful birthday gifts which can later be used as birthday decoration too. Balloons were and still are the ideal decoration for any birthday party, it doesn’t really matter whose birthday it is whether of a 2-year-old or 60 years old. Balloons are ultimate party highlighters and they can instantly brighten up any party as décor as well, as gifts. You would definitely be very excited for your little one’s birthdays so order some amazing balloons for décor as well as for gifts. Thus we are here with some awesome balloon gift ideas for the birthday boy.

1. Make Flower Balloons

Just like Emoji balloons you can also order foil flower balloons online or DIY it. You will require clear balloons and some flower stickers or make some flowers on chart paper and cut it to stick on these transparent balloons. You can use various floral print stickers or DIY paper cut flowers and make the regular balloons into flower balloons which would make a great backdrop for birthdays. Order Balloons for delivery and decorate your home with cheerful balloons for the birthday of your special someone and surprise them with wonderful balloon decoration.

2. Character Balloons

Nowadays you get balloons in so many different varieties, so for the birthday boy, you can order character balloons of superheroes or his favourite character. You can also choose the balloons according to the theme of the party and surprise him. Your kid would be amazed at balloons of his favourite character that can be anything from a superhero or emoji or his favourite character. Send Birthday Balloons online to your friends and relatives on their special day and convey birthday wishes through colourful and vibrant balloons.

3. Heart-shaped Balloons

Your little one is truly your heart so why not surprise him with heart-shaped red colour balloons. You can tell your little one how much you love him with these heart-shaped balloons. You can choose from a wide range of individual styles that include metallic heart balloons, pastel shades, and whatnot. You can also surprise him with a bunch of heart-shaped balloons along with a box of delicious and decadent chocolates.

4. Balloon Chandelier

You can surprise your loved one with balloon decorations like balloon chandelier. Here balloons attached to the fan blade that is over the dining table of bed with the help of strings. You can use balloons according to the colour scheme of the party. This way let your dear one enjoy a sumptuous meal of quality time with you with colourful balloon chandelier over them. You can get lovely birthday balloon gifts for her from our online gift shop and convey your heartiest birthday wishes to her.

5. Garland of Balloons

You can also create a garland of balloons and it is very easy to make. Simply take a thread and string along with colourful inflated balloons from one end to another. This balloon garland can be tied across the room or birthday party venue’s entrance to create a lasting impression on the guests. You may also choose the colour of the balloons according to the theme. Order balloons online and do birthday decorations at home with the help of balloons and give your loved one the best birthday surprise ever.

6. Balloons filled with treats

Your little one would simply love this balloon gift. You have to fill the balloons with yummy treats and favourite candies of your little one. Once you have put in the treats and then inflate the balloon. This balloon can be tied over the cake so when the birthday boy cuts the cake, you can burst the balloon so that the candies would fall out. A birthday boy would be amazed by this type of surprise.

7. Glow in the Dark Balloons

If you are bored with regular balloons, this one is a great idea. Here the balloons have glow sticks inside it and one has to simply turn the stick and then inflate the balloons so the balloon would glow. These balloons can also be attached to the ceiling to create a lovely balloon décor for your birthday boy’s party. This kind of decoration will give an illusion of sparkling canopy. You can search Happy Birthday Balloons near me and get online balloon delivery services from our online gift store to surprise your near and dear ones for their birthday.

8. DIY Emoji Balloons

For this, you will require so many yellow-colour balloons and you can also order emoji balloons online. For DIY you will need markers of different colours. Simply inflate the balloons and with the help of a sketch pen or marker draw different faces on the balloons that resemble the emoji. These Emoji balloons make attractive décor for the birthday of the little one.

We hope these amazing and awesome balloon gift ideas will surprise the birthday boy and you will see the biggest smile on his face on this special day.