According to 2010 research conducted by the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), 13% of Singapore’s population has had mental health issues at some point in their lives. It might lead you to think about what you would do if a friend of yours is struggling with a mental health issue. As a Singaporean, you were dismayed to realize that you had no idea where someone can seek help if they are suffering from a mental health problem.

You spend hours on end worrying and stressing about your mental health. What if there was a way to take your worries off the table and reduce the stress of having them?

Getting help for mental health concerns should never be ignored, so if you feel you’re fighting a mental illness, the following is a list of seven venues where you can seek counseling services in Singapore to improve your mental health.

1. Counselor

Getting things off your chest and being open to new ideas can help you win the battle against mental health problems. There are numerous counseling choices available, ranging from the internet to private counseling services in Singapore. A Kind Place has a team of passionate counsellors offering various counselling services in Singapore. Check them out today.

It can help you cope with:

A mental health condition, such as depression, anxiety, or an eating disorder, can be helped by visiting a counseling service in Singapore.

Infertility, for example, is a distressing physical health problem, a traumatic life event, such as a bereavement, the end of a relationship, or work-related stress.

2. Private GPs/ Family doctors

Tell your doctor how you’re feeling and any symptoms you’re having (e.g., unable to sleep, eating less, not enjoying activities you used to enjoy). Although some GPs are qualified to prescribe antidepressants, it is generally recommended that patients engage in talk therapy (counseling or psychotherapy) alongside or instead of medication. Therapy is designed to assist you in learning and practicing strategies to deal with your problems. GPs can refer you to a mental health professional at a public hospital or private practice (psychiatrists, psychologists, or counselors) that are good counseling services in Singapore.

3. Polyclinic

Another counseling service in Singapore is Polyclinic GPs can also refer you to a public hospital mental health expert. Some polyclinics provide psychotherapy services as well as the ability to prescribe medication for mental health issues. Many patients prefer going to one of the polyclinics because they provide more quick and accessible mental health care than hospitals. Polyclinics treat various health problems and provide privacy and anonymity for persons who want to keep their mental health private.

4. Helplines

You can call several different helplines to get assistance. The Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) for suicide prevention and the IMH emergency helpline are widely used. These hotlines are designed to assist you in overcoming an emergency (e.g., a strong desire to harm yourself or others) and will usually direct you to the IMH emergency center.

Other helplines are available from a variety of organizations and mental health clinics. However, they are usually only available during business hours and have the goal of determining what kind of assistance you require. People are usually recommended to seek help from friends and family and a psychiatrist, counselor, or psychologist. These hotlines are occasionally used to provide coping skills. This is also a good option for counseling services in Singapore.

5. Family Service Centres (FSC)

There are 47 FSCs in the vicinity of HDB estates. The goal of these centers practicing social service specialists staff is to assist families and people in need. People with mental health difficulties may be able to receive counseling from some social service specialists. Although FSC services are normally free, they are geared toward assisting people with relationship issues, and you may not have the opportunity to speak with a professional counselor or psychotherapist. At FSCs, no medication can be prescribed.

6. Hospitals

Hospitals like SGH, CGH, TTSH, KKH, and KTPH have a psychology department that can prescribe medications and provide talk therapy. Patients can choose between becoming private or subsidized patients. The difference is that private patients can choose their doctor and can receive an appointment sooner. There’s also IMH, which is dedicated to mental health. IMH has a mental health emergency department that is open 24 hours a day. While this is a good choice for counseling services in Singapore, it’s essential to keep in mind that getting an appointment with a mental health specialist in a hospital can take weeks or months.

7. Private practices

In Singapore, there are numerous private mental health practices. These are psychiatrists, counselors, and psychologists who have decided to open their practices rather than work for a hospital. They usually have years of training and experience working at public hospitals and even overseas. When you approach these practitioners, you can receive appointments considerably faster than the public health system. Thereby, helping you to find counselling services in Singapore faster!


A final suggestion for people who have trouble seeking help: regardless of your problems or concerns regarding treatment, it wouldn’t hurt to message a provider and ask how they can assist you. The above venues provided to you will surely end your search for counselling services in Singapore. The journey to a great life begins with a discovery.