Not everyone is a specialized artist when it comes to nail painting; that’s why we have nail salons. However, the cost of getting a decent manicure, depending on where you live, could cost you a couple of dollars; not everyone is willing or capable of paying for such services. That’s where DIYs come in.

Many people think it’s impossible to give yourself a pro manicure at home, which is wrong. Yes, doing your nails yourself might get messy because most of us are pretty inexperienced. However, with the right steps and proper guidance, you’re all set for a flawless manicure that you can do all by yourself.

We’ve curated a comprehensive list of seven amazing hacks for those wondering how you can get the best possible manicure at home for free. The following provides you with the steps you can use for your DIY manicure, but you’ll need some tools, including a cuticle remover, clear polish, cotton balls, and a lot more. Let’s jump in.

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  1. Make Adequate Preparation

Before starting your DIY manicure, one of the first things you should do is prepare your tools and equipment. Ensure you have tools like nail polish, brush, cuticle remover, perfumes, and anything essential you’ve ever seen professionals use on your nail. 

Picking out your tools is a vital aspect. You don’t want to be in the middle of applying your polish and suddenly unable to locate your cotton wool to clean off excess polish; you might end up ruining your perfect design.

After you’ve got your tools neatly sorted out, you can start applying them. First of all, make sure your cuticles are moisturized. You can use any of the numerous nail polish removers available in the market. Even if you haven’t applied nail polish, it’s still nice to apply polish removers to your nails before starting the manicure process.

  1. Avoid Picking Your Nails

Picking your nails seems to be a trivial tip, but it’s one of the most harmful things you can do to your nails. Celebrity nail artists like Mazz Hanna point out that her number one hack to get flawless nails is to avoid picking your nails and cuticles.

According to Hanna, picking your nails before or during manicure can conflict with the natural growth process of your nails. Moreover, it results in critical problems that hinder the growth of your nails. Hanna says every time you pick your nails, you provide room for bacteria to inhibit, resulting in painful nail infections.

However, if picking your nails has become a habit, and we all know that bad habits don’t go away quickly, you can pick up cuticle oil at any cosmetics shop. Cuticle oils keep your nails and cuticles hydrated all the time while helping you break the habit of picking your nails.

  1. Take It Easy

Another common mistake with people new to a DIY manicure is that they often polish their nails using massive energy. They feel that the harder they scrub, the prettier the design. This is not true. Filing your nails harshly gives you more problems than benefits. For instance, if you file your nails too harshly, you might end up opening cracks on your nails.

Before you go about stabbing at your nails, keep in mind that your nail isn’t a piece of metal. It’s highly fragile, so try not to treat it like you’re sawing a block of wood. To avoid opening tiny cracks on your cuticles, file your nails gently and in one direction. This would help give your nails an even design.

  1. Don’t Shake the Polish

There’s this feeling everyone has when they’re about to use a liquid product; they shake it repeatedly. Maybe it’s a belief, advice, or just a myth, but most times, we find ourselves shaking the bottles. However, try to avoid shaking your nail polish before applying it to your cuticles. 

When you shake the polish, you won’t get a smooth color blend because of the formation of air from shaking. Hence, to improve the beauty of your nails, avoid shaking the polish.

  1. Clean Off Excess Oil

Before starting the manicure process, try to remove any excess oil on your nails. It’s advisable to start on a fresh, clean slate to help improve the quality of your nails. Try wiping extra oil off your hands using a ball of cotton wool or a little alcohol for flawless-looking nails.

  1. Always Dry Your Nails After Manicure

The key to having long-lasting sparkling nails is dryness. Once you’ve applied nail polish on your cuticles, allow them to dry properly before starting anything. However, if you are always on the move, you can utilize any express dry drop products that can dry your nails in just 60 seconds. 

  1. Use Non-Acetone Nail Polish Removers

Anytime you decide to give your nails a break from the whole pedicure cycle, try using nail polish removers that don’t contain acetone. Even if you’re switching colors of your polish, it’s recommended that you use non-acetone nail polish removers because, unlike most removers, a non-acetone remover is less harsh and helps reduce the dryness of your nails.


If you’ve always wanted to do your nails for fun or to save cost, we’ve provided you with the best hacks you can use to make your nails dazzling. Implement these tips in your regime and get flawless nails. Polish away!