Have you ever heard of Hearlde-60s music? You may be curious to know the rules of how it works. This article will provide all the details.

The60S Heardle video game is growing worldwide. This music game was inspired by Wordle. Wordle is a great way to get an idea of this game. Let’s get to the bottom of what this game is about and how it’s played. We will also share tips on how to guess the word.

Here are the essential facts.

The game

It’s a fun online game in which you can guess the song’s name by simply listening. One song is only played each day. These songs are taken from the list of most streamed 1960s songs.

60S Heardle is word search. We’ll be discussing in detail how it’s played in a forthcoming para.

Here are some tips for users trying to guess the song-name.

  • So that you are able to remember the title of the song easily, listen to it on repeat.
  • Try to find as many clues or information as possible.
  • The music is taken from the most downloaded songs of the 1960s.

Keep these tips in mind as you try to solve the puzzle. This is how it’s done in detail.

How can it be played?

60S Heardle – A song from the 1960s is played. You have six chances of guessing the song. You’ll hear more of the song for each guess. If you are able to correctly guess the song, the Heardle can play the entire track.

Play the music on Heardle60s by pressing play. You can also play the music repeatedly. After listening the first verse of the track, you can choose the artist/title of the song. You will unlock more parts with each try.

Let’s discover why it is growing in popularity.

Why gaining popularity?

It’s been downloaded by thousands in just a few hours. It’s amazing how fast this online music-game is growing.

If you are able to guess the title of the track, Heardle60s lets you upload a song to your social media channels. The song you hear is from the 1960s.

This game is addictive to music fans, especially those who love the 60s.


This is the final post about 60S Heardle. This game is perfect if you love music. This game is perfect for anyone who loves 60s music.

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