Security needs to be a top priority for any business, and it needs to be tackled physically and online. To help you keep your assets safe, we’ve gathered together six methods of securing your office building. 

Providing Panic Buttons

If there’s an intruder in your office, you need to have a number of protocols in place for your team to follow. For example, if it’s safe to do so, they should press the nearest panic button. Typically, panic buttons should be inconspicuously placed inside each room and close to exits. Once the button is pressed, an alert will be sent to on-site security or your off-site management team, which would pass a distress call to the local police. 

Erect a Parking Lot Fence

If your building has a parking lot, you need to make sure that its perimeter is secure. To do this, you can call on an expert installation team to erect fencing for your business lot. As well as putting a strong fence up, you should make sure there’s a suitable gate, which will allow staff and guests to enter while keeping intruders out. 

Installing Heavy-Duty Doors

If your office building has flimsy doors, they’ll be easy to kick in or tamper with. Whereas, if you use deadbolted steel doors, they will be much more difficult to mess with. When it comes to external doors, you should have a peephole installed so that you can find out who is there without opening the door. 

Putting the correct door into your office is a start, but you also need to train staff on the dangers of leaving doors open. 

Increase External Lighting 

If you’re securing an office building, you’ll need to make sure it’s light enough inside and out, as you’ll need to easily recognize intruders on security cameras. During the day, there will be plenty of natural light to help you out. To pick up the slack during the night, you should have powerful motion-sensor lights installed outside of all exits/entrances. 

Utilize Surveillance Systems

To keep a watchful eye on an office building without hiring expensive security staff 24/7, you’ll need to have security cameras installed. Having cameras not only alerts you to the presence of intruders but also allows you to provide evidence of suspicious activity to local law enforcement. As well as this, you can monitor any footage from training drills, which you can use to inform future learning. 

Install a Digital Security Suite

Physical security breaches aren’t the only consideration you need to make when keeping your office building safe – cybercrime is on the rise and hackers are always searching for vulnerabilities. Therefore, you should install a digital security suite, which will monitor digital activity for signs of known viruses, malware, or spyware. 

Keeping your office building secure is non-negotiable. There are plenty of ways to achieve this, but those outlined above are the most obvious. To support your security infrastructure, consider hiring a security team during the day.