When you’re planning on borrowing from moneylenders, you need to ensure that you’re borrowing from a verified and trusted source. If you have no clue how to identify a trustworthy moneylender, here are some aspects to consider.

Licenses and Certifications

Singapore has a highly regulated money lending industry, and while most of the lenders you will find are legitimate, it never hurts to check thoroughly. You don’t want to be in the middle of fraud with all your personal information sold to other parties by dealing with an unauthorized lender.

Legitimate money lenders will have a license to operate in the money lending business by the government and will have that displayed either on their website or at their location. They might also have additional certifications (or the employees will have them), signifying that they are experts in their industry.

Evaluating Their History

While there’s no harm in getting a loan from a lender that has just established themselves, you still want to check whether they have the experience to do so. Typically, any lender, even one that has just established themselves, should have a few years of experience in the industry.

If you’re going to a lender who has been around in the area for years, you will feel more mentally at ease getting a loan from them. You won’t have to worry about anything illicit or illegal taking place when you’re getting your loan from a reputable and experienced lender.

Customer Testimonials

There is a flourishing market in Singapore for moneylenders, which means you’re not the only one who requires a loan. Listen to others when you’re considering borrowing from moneylenders and don’t know which one to use.

You can find plenty of moneylenders with a digital presence, which ensures that you can read what other customers think about their loan programs. You might even have family or friends who have taken a loan and recommend an establishment to you.

Reading through testimonials can also ensure that you’re not surprised by any terms the lender offers you down the line.

Turnaround Times

Good moneylenders can be easily identified by their turnaround times. When moneylenders are professional and mean business, they will try to get your loan processed as quickly as possible when you have all the documentation in place.

When you are dealing with a good moneylender, you might be able to get your loan approved within a few days without any hassles. Check to see the typical turnaround time of the moneylender you’re considering getting a loan from.

Customer Service

How a lender treats its customers is crucial to finding the best one in the area. When you’re borrowing from moneylenders, you want to ensure that the lender makes you feel comfortable and the process goes by speedily.

You can find out if a money lender’s customer service is good by looking at their ratings on various search engines. Reading through customer testimonials can also help you gain an insight into the customer service that the lender provides.

How They Cater to Your Needs

Many people choose to go to a moneylender because they can find loan programs catered to their requirements. Whether they need an extended repayment plan or are willing to offer a larger down payment in return for lower interest rates, a lender can accommodate them.

When you’re looking for the ideal moneylender for your needs, ensure that you have your bases covered when you consider the factors above.