Your home or living space should provide you with a sense of comfort and vitality, which many homeowners may find challenging to upkeep, especially with the stress of everyday tasks.

In today’s changing world, we are shifting to a work from home dynamic, and our living spaces are turning into work spaces as well. A cushy, cozy living space is not ideal for any productive work environment, but here are a couple of ways you can energize your living space:

  1. Spruce up your space with home cleaning.

Nothing is more lackluster than a dirty home. Dust-covered furniture, rusting appliances, and stained fabrics don’t only look drab, they indicate that the homeowner is not careful about their living space, and speaks a lot about your priority for cleanliness.

Keep your home looking healthy and energized by sprucing up around your living space. Doing spring cleaning every season or so isn’t enough to keep your home pristine, you’ll need to do some home maintenance and cleaning everyday to keep all the dirt and debris away. Vacuum the floors and put those beddings in the laundry, and keep a clean home all year round!

Not all homeowners would have the time or knowledge to clean. In this case, contacting a cleaning specialist would get your home as clean as a whistle, without the hassle! Find a reputable cleaning company that will provide you with outstanding service; satisfaction guaranteed! Your home has never been more lively.

  1. Add plants to liven up your space

Is your home looking drab and dull? Adding some plants into your living space can greatly affect the mood of the room, as plants bring a sense of liveliness to any area, especially when they are properly cared for. 

Multiple varieties of indoor plants work well in low light conditions, and are hardy enough to stay healthy despite forgetting to water them for a couple of days. Varieties of succulents, like cacti and snake plants, may come in small sizes that are perfect to place on your work desk or coffee table for a splash of vibrant greenery.

  1. Let the natural light in

Nothing is more uplifting than the warm, lively tones of natural sunlight. Sunlight boosts Vitamin D in our bodies, keeping our immune systems healthy and functioning properly. Too much sunlight, however, can burn your skin and cause nasty sunburn.

Go for the medium and choose windows that have UV-blocking protectors to let the natural light in, without the harmful UV rays. Natural light keeps your home energetic, warm, and productive. You get to put more focus on your tasks at hand, and feel a drive to be more dynamic. 

  1. Maintain an exercise routine

The decor around your home aren’t the only ones that matter in keeping your living space energetic. Your daily activities contribute to the feel of your home, as your own energy presents the warmth around the house. 

Maintaining an exercise routine that works with your schedule allows you to keep fit, get moving, and bring a sense of high-energy into your living space. Do some simple yoga poses during the midday, or follow an early morning workout routine. Doing any sort of exercise activity during the day helps keep your mind and body healthy. 

  1. Don’t go overboard with the decor

Clutter around the house looks unsightly, but waste and debris can be easily thrown away. Your home decor, however, can get cluttered and make your home look just as drab. When you’ve got too much trinkets around your home, 

Work with your hired part-time maid to store away your excess clutter, or do them yourself as you dedicate a weekend for a full-on cleaning schedule. Either way, those St. Paddy’s Day and Christmas decor have got to go when it’s the middle of July. 

  1. Keep a light aesthetic

Heavy curtains may give you more privacy, but they can also block out light from entering your home. Dark, painted walls and floorboards may keep your bedroom dimmer and more relaxing, but do nothing to help your living room and work area be energetic. 

Instead, go for light colours, materials, and fabrics to keep the lightness flowing around your room. Maintain proper air circulation with fans and air conditioning to keep the air light, and prevent a stuffy room which may feel dull and heavy. Apply light wooden furniture instead of dark-stained ones, and balance out the colours to keep a sense of productivity.

Home Maintenance

Your living space doesn’t have to stay in the dark. Each room in your home has a specific use, and tailoring your aesthetics around them is a good way of maintaining energy in your home. The bedroom can have a relaxing, comfortable feel, while your work area would need more energy to get you through the day. Tailor your decor, and keep your home clean!