Running a dining establishment means worrying about various things, such as suddenly running out of supplies, rising food costs, lack of staff, and a low influx of customers.

Although these issues seem to fall into different categories, they all boil down to one vital element that can spell the difference between your restaurant’s success and failure: customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction in dining establishments depends a lot on various key factors, including the menu, quality of food, price, and speed of service. When you score low on any of these elements, your diners will leave your restaurant unhappy. Employee Retention (Applicable HR Solutions: Employee Assessments, Leadership Training, Fundamental Job Analysis, Development Counselling, Rewards Program)

Their experience can discourage them from coming back and even cause them to dissuade others from going to your restaurant.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction With a POS System

Improving your restaurant’s interior and atmosphere, customer service, and food quality can change the way customers perceive your establishment.

Investing in the right restaurant POS system in Dubai can help enhance your quality of customer service and other processes.

A point-of-sale or POS system for restaurants can streamline various activities, such as replenishing supplies and processing orders and payments. These make different operations go faster and more efficiently and reduce human error and customer loss.

A POS system can improve customer satisfaction in your restaurant by enabling you to accomplish the following:

  1. Take orders faster.

One of the best advantages of having a POS system is enabling your team to take orders faster.

By installing iPads connected to the POS system at the counter and waiting area, your team can process orders from multiple locations simultaneously. As a result, they will be able to serve more customers in a shorter amount of time.

If you have a quick-service restaurant, your iPad-based POS system can simplify several transaction processes for your staff. Whether it’s taking orders, sending tickets to the kitchen, or receiving payments, they will be able to move customers faster and more efficiently.

If you run a fine dining or full-service restaurant, you can have the waitstaff take tableside orders. With a handheld device, your team will go about the process faster since they only need to tap the details on the screen.

All these result in quicker, more efficient processes, giving your customers a pleasant, memorable dining experience.

  1. Minimise mistakes in order taking.

One of the pet peeves of all diners is getting the wrong order. Whether they receive an entirely different dish or a particular ingredient was still added, even if they specifically requested for the chef to take it off, they will be unhappy with their experience at your restaurant.  

No matter how simple or unintentional these mistakes in orders are, they can cost you time, money, and a happy customer.

Since a mobile device-based POS program eliminates the need for writing down orders, there will be fewer errors caused by poor handwriting.

Additionally, your waitstaff won’t have to run to the kitchen and ask the chef about the ingredients in dishes since they can read them on their device.

Also, tableside orders allow your waitstaff to inform diners of menu changes and tell the kitchen staff requested modifications to dishes, such as the doneness of their steak  or to serve the salad with the dressing on the side.

Getting a customer’s order right the first time goes a long way in improving their experience that will make them want to come back.

  1. Offer more payment options.

Customers today want more options when settling their bills. They want to be sure that they can pay using their credit or debit card if they do not have enough cash.

A good POS platform allows your restaurant to accept various kinds of payments. Whether the diner pays by cash, card, gift check, or a mobile app, it will be able to complete the transaction.

Moreover, your POS system should be able to process credit and debit card and mobile app payments securely. You have to ensure your customers’ accounts won’t be hacked.

The right POS program can process electronic and digital payments securely, keeping your customers’ personal data safe from fraudulent use.

  1. Stay on top of your inventory.

Running out of ingredients means not being able to serve your diners something that they may have been looking forward to eating. When they do not get what they want, they will be disappointed by their experience in your restaurant.

Ensuring you always have enough supplies, therefore, also plays a vital role in improving customer satisfaction. The right POS platform makes sure you are never caught off guard by low inventories.

Many POS systems come with inventory management features that are easy to use, which will help you stay ahead of your stock.

These features include receiving alerts when supplies are getting low and having access to product prices, allowing you to compare them faster and negotiate with suppliers.

These details can also help you build a better relationship with your suppliers.

When you always have your ingredients at hand, you can always serve your customers whatever they want from your menu.

  1. Managing your staff more efficiently.

Having enough back and front of house staff is crucial to giving your diners a pleasant customer experience.

If you don’t have enough servers, your customers will likely wait for a long time to have their orders taken and get them. A lack of kitchen staff can cause the same problem as well.

Your POS system allows you to manage your employees’ work schedules more efficiently. You can have more staff come during the weekend, the busiest days of the week for your restaurant.

You can also create a better schedule for your employees’ daily breaks, holidays, and other activities.

You can also use the POS to calculate salaries, maintain payroll details, and track staff performance.

  1. Create a successful loyalty program.

Finally, a good loyalty program can boost your customers’ satisfaction and encourage them to come back and recommend your restaurant to others.

A POS system can help you start a loyalty program that tracks and rewards customers for coming in frequently.

You can also use the system to communicate with your customers through targeted marketing by SMS, email, and push notifications. 

When your customers can get something extra, such as a complimentary beverage or dessert for the points they earn, you will do more than keep them satisfied.

The right POS system can enhance your customers’ dining experience, allowing them to have a great time in your restaurant. And this will go a long way in encouraging them to come back and leave satisfied after their visit.


Ross Smith is the Managing Partner at iPad POS Middle East. Based in Dubai, covering the whole of the Middle East, the company is passionate about helping restaurateurs and retailers alike find the most suitable point of sale system to meet the needs of their business. They specialize in iPad-based point of sales systems and are resellers of Revel and Vend.