That freshness of your undies as you toss them from your wardrobe is what gets you grooving in a good mood. The whack of that band around your waist sets your sail for the day. But a single misfit can put you off immensely by making you itch and twitch for the whole day. 

Choosing men’s underwear that is perfectly suitable is not a cakewalk, for sure. The variety of options puts you in a state of perpetual dilemma. 

But you need not sweat yourself anymore. You have arrived at the right place. So, sit back and relax while we take you through the types of underwear men can wear while you also choose the perfect one for yourself or the men in your life.

1. Boxers

Boxers or boxer shorts are the traditional underwear that has been popular from the days when your dad was a chap. These undies are named “boxers” because of their similarity to the shorts worn by boxers. Quite simple, isn’t it?

It is a loose-fitting cloth made of pure cotton that keeps your insides airy while allowing you to move liberally. The length typically starts from your waist through your hips while eventually ending at the tops of your thighs.

Boxers have kind of faced a bad reputation in recent years. People find them obsolete in fashion, but we are big fans of these retroes, chic and airy undies. They are the perfect fit for people who wear loose trousers. Guys with thin legs and narrow hips prefer them more than others.

However, tight pants can crunch them up, making you uncomfortable. But boxers are healthy for your sperm count. So, I guess that makes it a win-win.

2. Boxer brief

Boxer briefs can be termed as the remix of traditional boxers. They have been the standardized pants for a whole generation. They are very similar to the original boxers but with a touch of quality and elasticity. They are softer, silkier, and stretchable.  

They are the go-to choice for most men as they fit any body type perfectly. The stretch capability makes it a one-size-fits-all kind of apparel. The length starts a little higher on the hips while ending between the middle and top of your thighs.

People with massive thigh muscles might find these boxer briefs restrictive. But it works best for taller men who often struggle with butt crack visibility while bending down. So, hide that track, Jack.

3. Brief

Think of an underwear photoshoot with a handsome hunk like Cristiano Ronaldo. Now, those are what we call briefs. These are the most fashionable undergarment. They are similar to boxer briefs, but the cut and style make the real difference.

Briefs are designed to curve up towards the thighs. Hence, they are perfect for men with bigger thighs. The short length avoids the bunching of fabric.

This makes briefs comfortable and untraceable. If you are a big guy, briefs are perfect for flaunting those worked-up thighs and that flat stomach ornamented with washboard abs.

It is comfortable, stretchable, breathable, and stylish. What else do we need?

4. Trunks

The men’s trunk is your ultimate comfortable undergarment. It is made from stretch cotton extracted from beech-tree pulp. It has a pouch-like design in the front that holds everything in place. It also sits below your hips, allowing you to flaunt that flat stomach. 

Unlike boxer briefs, trunks are more body-hugging and keep everything in place during movements. It provides full coverage in the rear and seems perfect for slim guys.

FYI, trunks are my favourite, and daily jocks have specifically been my most trustworthy option for buying undergarments.

5. Jockstrap

Well, a jockstrap is more like armour than an undergarment. It came into existence during the 19th century as a byproduct of bicycle invention. Men wanted protection after sitting on that hard and slim bicycle seat. So, jockstraps had straps securing the privates of a man. 

They are worn beneath bike shorts or any other attire used for heavy sports. The open area in the back allows sweat to evaporate quickly. Your private package is lifted up and away from the body.

These are perfect for people who bear an athletic personality. But it is no harm if you wear them to feel sexy underneath. What say?

6. Long Underwear 

Long underwear has a fascinating history. It was initially invented for women who wanted comfortable and less restricting undergarments. But, the twentieth century found them feasible for the community of working men. 

These are also known as thermal underwear or long-johns. It is made of lightweight cloth that absorbs moisture from your skin and keeps you warm when freezing outside. 

Now that we have showered you with all the know-how, it’s now time to go buy a few for yourself.