Streaming platforms have become the need of the hour nowadays because everybody wants to enjoy the best possible streaming journey so that they can enjoy their favourite shows and movies very easily in the comfort of their home place. One such a great platform is the which come with multiple benefits for the people. Some of the top-notch features provided by this particular platform have been mentioned as follows:

 -People can very easily personalise the whole thing by creating profiles. For this purpose people can also create separate profiles for their children and one can go with the option of using the kid’s mode in this particular thing so that all the access to mature content is prohibited. One can create individual profiles at any point of time and one can also edit or delete them. Hence, the process of switching between the profiles is very easy as well as user-friendly.

 -People can easily go with the option of tracking the favourite content under my stuff option which is one of the main reasons why this particular platform is very much popular among the people. Hence, this will always provide a highly enhanced experience to the people throughout the journey.

 -The whole process of viewing and managing the watch history is also very simple and the best part is that people can very easily remove the things from history and can access it from the home screen very easily. 

One such great platform that provides for the great features is the of the top-notch features of this platform have been mentioned as follows:

 -People can go with the option of utilising the voice commands to search the things on the devices which is one of the greatest reasons why this particular platform is very popular among the users. The best part is that one can also cast various applications like YouTube or Netflix from the phone to the TV. The whole process of finding the TV shows and movies is also very easy and the best part is that one can also utilise the voice-based searches to find things easily.

 -The whole process of managing the channels in the form of adding it, removing it, editing it is very easy for this particular streaming platform. People can go with the option of personalising the whole interface by choosing her favourite theme, screensaver and several other kinds of things. One can also block the content with the help of parental controls and one can also configure the clock settings very easily.

 -The mobile application can also be installed by the people so that they can further avail several kinds of benefits provided by this particular platform. People can also utilise the expert picture settings so that they can adjust the Roku TV very easily.

 Hence, these two platforms are well known to provide the best quality streaming features to the people because of the higher range of compatible devices which is the main reason they are highly popular among the people.