The GDPR establishes the right of data subjects to access their data and know how it is being processed. It is a complicated set of regulations, but the simplest way to comply with GDPR is to ensure all data is being processed as lawfully, fairly, and transparently as possible. This can be done by gaining consent from data subjects and processing the information in a way compatible with the purposes for which it was. Are you interested to find out more about it

Don’t worry! In this article, we will share some tips on using workforce monitoring software to be GDPR compliant.

6 Tips To Be GDPR Compliant with Workforce Monitoring Software 2022

Workforce monitoring software is a type of software that monitors and records the activity of employees in an organization.

If you are using workforce monitoring software, here are six tips to help you become GDPR compliant:

Inform employees that their activity is being monitored

The first step in becoming GDPR compliant with workforce monitoring software is to inform employees that their activity is monitored. This should be done cleanly and concisely; they should know limitations on personal data monitoring, and employees should be allowed to opt-out of being monitored.

Review your data protection policies and procedures

GDPR is designed to protect individuals’ rights and ensure that the way personal data is used is transparent and in the best interests of the individual. In light of the impending GDPR, it’s important to review your data protection policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the act.

Review the retention and disposal process for data

The retention and disposal process for data for GDPR compliance should include the following steps:

  • Establish a data retention and disposal schedule.
  • Identify and classify the data according to its sensitivity and value.
  • Implement security measures to protect the data from unauthorized access or alteration.
  • Destroy or permanently delete the data according to the retention and disposal schedule.
  • Verify that the data has been destroyed or deleted according to the schedule.

Review the security of your data storage and transmission

With the introduction of GDPR, many companies and organizations are taking the necessary steps to ensure their data storage and transmission are compliant. Companies should review what data they have and where it is stored, create policies, and review the security of those policies.

Review the process for dealing with data breaches

If a data breach occurs, the organization must:

  • Inform the supervisory authority within 72 hours of becoming aware of the breach
  • Inform the individuals affected by the breach without undue delay
  • Take all reasonable steps to mitigate the adverse effects of the breach
  • Keep records of the data breach, its effects, and the remedial actions.

Staff training is an important part of any organization’s data protection procedures. Staff needs to be aware of data protection and the risks associated with data breaches. They also need to be aware of the GDPR and its application to their work.

Final Words

If your company is not GDPR compliant by the time it becomes effective, you will be fined. Many companies have recently been hit with fines that are substantial in nature. If your organization has workers they need to monitor using the workplace monitoring software, now is a good time to ensure that you comply with GDPR. That ensures your transparency as well. Speak to your workforce monitoring software provider and see what kind of work they might do for you for your business to be compliant.