From building confidence to boosting your experiences, here’s how to make the most of every day

We only get one go on this crazy ride called life, and it’s important to embrace every second of it. However, between work, financial stresses and other commitments, it’s easy for the small stuff to get in the way of what really matters: being happy and living the life you want to live.

By readjusting the way you think about yourself and the world around you, you can make noticeable positive changes to your life, giving you the boost you need to live it to the fullest.

From health and confidence to experiences and instinct, here are our top tips to help you live your best life and never look back.

Work on your confidence

If you don’t feel good about yourself, you won’t feel good about the world around you either. Learning to accept – and even love – who you are is the crucial first step to getting the most out of life. 

Building confidence can take different forms for different people. It might be starting therapy, embracing daily affirmations, hitting the gym, investing in cosmetic procedures like laser lipo or surrounding yourself with likeminded friends.

Say yes to new experiences

There’s a big wide world out there, so don’t let your experience of it be limited to work and home. Make the effort to try new things – whether alone or with friends. You might take a class, visit local landmarks, see a show, or do any number of activities that take your fancy. Give yourself a goal of doing one new thing every week, challenging yourself to expand your horizons and gain new interests.

Trust your gut

While you should challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone from time to time, this isn’t the same as agreeing to things that don’t sit well with you. Instinct is hugely important, and it shouldn’t be ignored. Learning to trust your gut can give you the confidence and certainty you need to make the best decisions for your wellbeing. Saying yes is important for your happiness, but so is learning to say no.

Prioritise your health

The phrase ‘health is wealth’ may be cheesy, but it’s also completely true. We don’t realise how much we value our health until something goes wrong – even when we have a cold, we long for the ability to breath easily. 

So looking after your health is paramount. Make time for regular exercise, follow a healthy diet, prioritise good sleep and don’t put off doctor’s, dentist’s and other appointments. This goes for mental health too – if anxiety and depression become a problem, seek out the support you need.

Enjoy what you love

Whether it’s drawing, writing, puzzles, video games, sports or something else entirely, you should never be ashamed of the hobbies that bring you joy. Activities don’t need to be making you money in order to be worthwhile, sometimes it’s enough to do something simply because you enjoy it, so make time in your day for the stuff that makes you happy.

Nourish your relationships

Life is made up of the relationships you form along the way, and we don’t just mean the romantic ones. Friends, family, colleagues… people come into your life in all sorts of amazing ways, and having a network of people you love and trust can make all the difference to your life as a whole. 

Take the time to nourish the relationships you have. Meet up for a coffee, go for a walk, call them on the phone or even just send them a message to let them know you’re thinking of them. The smallest gestures can make the biggest difference.