Vape is a product that requires extraordinary protection while handling and using. It contains an enclosed battery and an e-liquid flavor. Both these materials have different chemical and physical properties which make it challenging to provide safety to the vape in stores and cargo. The Custom Vape Boxes are therefore widely common for their sturdy physical characteristics. In the United States, vaping is becoming increasingly popular. Due to the rising demand, the number of vape manufacturing companies in the United States is already touching the sky. Rising demand reflects the rising consumption therefore a large number of companies are entering into this business.

The packaging industry in the United States is also revolutionising according to public demand. Due to this reason, the concept of custom packaging is not in its infancy anymore. It is everywhere! Visit the nearest food market and you will surely encounter the custom packaging food boxes for all kinds of foods. Bump into the coolest bakery in your town and you will surely see the custom-designed fancy bakery boxes for a wide range of products. Every industry is adopting the trend of custom packaging. But when it comes to vaping, certain factors are highly considered when designing an eye-catching box. The sales and attractiveness of a vape product depend largely on the packaging which further relies on six main factors. This article is all about those crucial factors that one must look into before designing the custom vape packaging boxes of their choice.

Choose the Cheap Raw Material

Well, the first thing about which you should be concerned is the pricing. Pricing of a packaging material matters a lot because it ultimately adds to the final price of the product. Vape lovers don’t pay an extra price for the packaging especially when it is too high. Moreover, you have to consider your business model as well. If you are making a packaging box from expensive raw materials, by keeping in mind the fact that your customers are not always willing to pay high, then indirectly your business model will flop.

But when looking for affordable raw material, you have to keep into mind the element of eco-friendliness. Plastic served well as a cheap packaging material during the 20th century. But its harmful impacts on the marine ecosystem and environment are making it redundant. Therefore, choose such materials that have a minimal ecological impact but are affordable and easy to extract. Vape cartridge boxes containing Kraft paper and rigid cardboard stock are increasingly popular. Such raw materials are cheap. You can get them from wood pulp. Therefore, using the right economical approach at the raw material acquisition phase can help you a lot with the vape packaging business.

The Element of Customization in Custom Vape Packaging Boxes

The crucial step of the designing phase is customization. Customization in custom vape boxes is as important as oxygen is to the human body. It is what makes a custom box worth Buying. After all, in the deepest roots of the customer’s psyche, the prime thing that matters when it comes to vaping is its aesthetic appearance. You cannot make a vape appealing and eye-catching without working much on the packaging part.

Now that you have made up your mind to design custom packaging boxes for vape products here are the few steps that you might consider while designing the best packaging box.

  • Customization is the key. It builds a separate identity of your brand and makes your product stand out among the competitors. Choose the basic color scheme that suits your product nicely. Colors matter! Colors speak! Without the right color combination, your packaging outlook is odd. No one is going to appreciate it. Therefore, color customization is the first and crucial step of custom printed vape boxes.
  • Use logo customization as the key to customer outreach. Print your logo at the center of the box. Make it shiny by using lamination. Designing a brand logo is important in every aspect. A logo can be the prime salesman of your brand. Without it, something in your brand is always incomplete.  

Check the Strength of the Raw Material

3D printing and designing on Custom Boxes requires sturdy packaging to be made out of sturdy raw materials. Designing a custom vape packaging box is an energy-intensive process. Printing, lamination, and cutting edge designing when applied on a sturdy raw material, will enhance its outlook way better than an ordinary one.

Vape is a product that relies on sturdy boxes for its branding. And you cannot make your product brand without using raw materials that promote the element of sturdiness on boxes. Luckily, the custom vape packaging boxes are remarkable as far as the material strength is concerned. They are made out of Kraft paper, cardboard, and cardstock materials. These materials are highly product protective and are also remarkable when it comes to the protection of vapes.

  • The durability of Kraft paper speaks for itself. It is because of the enhanced tensile strength of this material, that Kraft Paper Boxes are the perfect option for vape packaging and shipping.
  • Besides tensile strength, the tear resistance capacity of Kraft and cardboard is also high. This capacity makes the boxes more durable.
  • If a box is not easy to tear or break then it will be considered the best option for design. You can design on such boxes anything you like because their texture is rigid and does not change when heavy printing is applied to them.

Use the Right Lamination Type

Lamination and embossing are essential for designing. Without these, a design of a box is incomplete no matter how artistic you are. If makeup enhances the beauty of ladies then lamination is makeup to a box. Throughout the United States, you will see thousands of vape brands relying on custom packaging because it indirectly increases their branding. However, when they are in the designing phase, they remain quite conscious of providing a perfect finishing touch. Therefore, lamination and embossing are important to add an extraordinary shine to the box and these techniques increase the glow of the box as well.

  • The matte and gloss lamination suit perfectly well the custom packaging boxes for vapes. However, which one of these you want depends on the texture of the box, its material, and the printing details you put on it.
  • If you want to make the prints, logo, and design glow and shiny then choosing the gloss lamination will be the best option for you.
  • If you are more concerned about providing a soft and valuable experience to customers as they touch the vape boxes, then choose matte lamination.
  • Matte lamination is more expensive than gloss but it adds an element of luxury to the boxes. Vape lovers adore such Printed Vape Boxes on which quality lamination techniques are applied.

Paint Your Customer’s Mind

To excel in the vape business, you have to provide maximum freedom to the customer in the designing of the Vape Cart Boxes. Sometimes customers approach a local retailer and want special printing, animations, colorations, and designs on the boxes of their choice. In such cases, the best option for manufacturers is to PAINT THE MIND OF THEIR CUSTOMERS on their preferred boxes.

Every customer has special demands. Sometimes, they prefer window boxes, and other times, you will see that the demand for vertical boxes is also skyrocketing. Therefore, the best option in such cases is to involve your customer in the designing phase. In this way, there will be no confusion about the design in the first place. You will be damn sure that what you are designing is exactly similar to your customer’s expectations. By involving your customer in the designing phase, not only will you be providing value to the customer but at the same time, you are making such customers your returning buyer!

Print the Vital information on Vape Cartridge Boxes

While designing a box for any product the primary instinct of designers has always been to provide valuable information to the readers. You often have seen food packaging filled with ingredient details, expiry dates, and raw material information. The reason people fill the packaging box with the product detail is that they work hard to ease their customer’s efforts. Therefore, when it comes to vaping, the information on the packaging plays an integral role in customer attraction.

Let’s understand it from an example. Suppose you design a vape cart box and customise the box with amazing designs, colors, prints, and product information. When customers touch your box, they will immediately get to know about your brand, your ingredient choice, flavors, and the expiry date of your vape products. Similarly, if another retailer in the states is not doing such efforts to facilitate his customers, then there will be less chance that customers will appreciate his brand. They will also not recommend such a brand to other people. Therefore, when designing vape boxes wholesale, it is important to add all such elements that facilitate the buyers in making the right decision.