Cosmetics, perfumes and other beauty products have become more popular as more and more online shoppers are placing orders for them. However, failing to understand how to correctly ship these products can make the entire process challenging and ugly.

For cosmetics and other beauty products to be shipped, one has to have a proper understanding of the courier guidelines.  It means one has to have a properly knowledge of the ins and outs and best ways to ship cosmetics.

Try imagining receiving your set of cosmetics only to find them damaged. However, it is possible to avoid such a situation. In this article, we will be looking at some of the important things makeup online sellers need to consider for successful shipping.

1.    Ensure the Package is Properly Wrapped

If possible consider packing the makeup in bubble wrap, dunnage, shipping box or any other leak proof packaging material. This will help in protecting the makeup from any shock damage whenever it is being shipped. In case you will be shipping fragile items like the eye shadows or the pressed powders, ensure that you properly wrap it at least four times.  Try having as much padding as possible to make the items safe.

Ensure you use Shipping label printer to help in labeling the Stickers label to ensure the consignments are not misplaced or shipped to a wrong address.  You can use thermal label printer to print the labels.

How to Package Makeup for Shipping

Ensuring you package the makeup products you want to ship is critical to ensuring a safe transit.  Using the right materials to package is critical to ensuring successful shipping.

Below are some of the materials you can use to package your make up products.

  • Cardboard Box:  This refers to a sturdy and rigid box that in most cases is the outermost layer whenever you are packaging for shipping. Its size should be a bit larger to ensure you can put insulation against the walls.
  • Thermal bubble wrap:  Since most of the cosmetics are always known to be temperature sensitive, it will be appropriate that you protect them from any form of temperature changes whenever they are being shipped.
  • Leak proof and sealed containers: This helps in protecting the liquid makeups being transported in bottles.

Other popular packaging materials you should use include: bubble mailers and drawstring organza Bags.  Ensure the cardboard box has a logo sticker on it.  If possible consider using 4×6 shipping labels, you can always count on Munbyn label printer to help come up with perfect labels.

2.    Always Stick With High Quality Warehousing

Having a well-organized and high quality ware house will help in ensuring the products are secure and safe. Most of the third party logistics that are tech enabled are known to offer a wide variety of warehousing locations which makes it possible for the online sellers to store their inventory closer to their customers. With this, there are high chances an order will get to its definition much faster thereby reducing the chances of damages occurring when shipping.

3.    Consider Using Insurance

Right from the loose pigments to tiny pieces like eye shadow palette applications, different makeups are always prone to shipping damages.  Even when preparing the orders well before you start shipping, there are chances anything can happen when the makeup is being transported via truck, air or trail especially if it is far away from its intended destination.  However, in most cases, its control will be out of your way hence, opting to invest in a good insurance cover will help in protecting the shipments.

4.    Always Add Package Fillers

When shipping cosmetics, it is appropriate that you always strive in keeping it in place especially if it is a tiny item. One way you can achieve that is by using extra dunnage.  However, you can also use the kraft paper which is an eco-friendly and cheap option and can help in protecting your package from moving. In case you will be shipping products that are in liquid form or loose pigments and your customers are always complaining that your shipments do arrive when damaged, it can be of great benefit to consider wrapping the products in a tiny plastic bag. This will help in preventing the makeups from spilling as there will be an extra protection from moisture or humidity.

5.    Be Aware Of the Ingredients of the Products You Are Shipping

When you know the type of ingredients that have been used in a particular make up you will be shipping, you can know how safe it is to ship the product and ensure you do not go against the carrier regulations.  When you know the components of the make-up, you will be in a position of avoiding any possibility of the makeups melting if they will be stored in a hot warehouse or getting to know if it is not recommended to ship in particular locations.

6.    Get to Know the Carrier Rules

Most of the reliable and efficient shipping couriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS and DHL have a set of rules when it comes to makeup and other beauty products shipping especially if the products contain a flammable component.  The sticker labels should be easily visible and not blocked by any cello tape.

It is advisable that you always take your time and read through the shipping rules and guidelines before you opt to ship your product using that courier.  This will ensure you do not get yourself into any form of trouble by shipping a product that is no authorized by the company.  It is important that you do not exceed the postal scale as advised by the courier. Due to the difficulties caused by shipping, when you pack, slight weight differences may cause errors in the calculation of your freight, especially when the weight of the goods is generally light, choose sensitive measurement Tools are also necessary. Search for postal scale on Amazon. Of course, I am happy to tell you that there are pink scales in Munbyn’s official website

With the above tips, you can be sure of successful shipping of make-up products. This will ensure you retain your customers and help in growing your customer base.  You can always count on Munbyn to satisfy all your labeling requirements when shipping cosmetics.