Narcissists are usually overly self-involved people who require admiration and attention and lack empathy for those around them. Narcissists mostly surround themselves with people who are full of praise for them and inflate their egos. Narcissism is a trait in itself, or it can indicate a mental health disorder known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Not everyone with narcissistic traits has NPD, as narcissism is a spectrum. People who have higher narcissist tendencies are more likely to have this disorder. A Psychiatrist can properly diagnose NPD and provide possible solutions for managing it. 

Classic signs of a Narcissist

Do you think you’re dealing with a narcissist? Here are signs that you should look out for:

1.      They feel superior

Narcissists have a heightened sense of self-importance. They feel that they are better than others and deserve extraordinary treatment. Due to this, narcissists involve themselves with anything with high status and stay away from anything that seems ordinary. Apart from that, a narcissist will keep highlighting how great they are and how everyone around should be thankful for having them.

2.      They gaslight others

Gaslighting is one of the main traits of a narcissist. It is a form of emotional abuse. By gaslighting, narcissists make the victim question their own sanity. Narcissists gaslight others to prove themselves right, manipulate others or feel powerful.

3.      They disregard your feelings

Narcissists do not want to or are unable to recognize and acknowledge the feeling of other people. They make other people around them feel unheard, invalid, and unaccepted, especially in relationships. They act in ways that are beneficial for them, even at the expense of others. If their behavior is effecting those around them, they show no remorse or shame. Moreover, narcissists are rarely apologetic. Due to these reasons, relationships with narcissists are hardand toxic.

4.      They need constant admiration and attention.

Narcissists may seem super-confident, but they feed off compliments from others. They try to hog conversations and be the center of attention. As narcissism stems from low self-esteem, narcissists use the admiration they get from others to inflate their egos and get validation. Taking criticism is not a strong suit of narcissists as well. They will fish for compliments and try to hog conversations. Additionally, they may act out if they don’t get the attention that they think they deserve.

5.      They do not take responsibility.

As narcissists always think they are perfect, they do not take ownership of any issue they cause. Owning mistakes means that you have to admit that you are wrong. People who have narcissistic traits do not take responsibility for their behavior or the harm they cause to someone else. They will always try to shift the blame on someone else for the problems they have caused. Moreover, as narcissists do not accept or learn from their mistakes, it hinders their personal growth.

Dealing with a Narcissist

Narcissists can get help from a Psychiatrist in rawalpindi to get a proper diagnosis and work towards changing themselves. However, seeking help is not something a narcissist may do, as it does not sit well with their self-image. It can be very tough dealing with a narcissist as they are not willing to change and rarely do so. Forcing narcissists to change can lead to more conflict and resentment.