A little creativity is all you need!

Cooking and preparing food can be an art. Even if you’re not a trained chef you may find yourself sometimes enjoying your time in the kitchen, finding cooking relaxing. Also, you can prefer Next 125 Kitchens which make your kitchen interior more attractive.

But the question is, what do you do if you have a small kitchen?

Does that mean you have to give up on having an enjoyable time preparing food in the kitchen?


With these kitchen decor tips, you can make a big deal out of your small kitchen.

Fit your dishwasher into a space

In a small kitchen, cabinet space will be limited.

And a dishwasher can really eat up a lot of that.

So, how do you avoid that, and save space?

Simple – make the dishwasher fit somewhere, for example under the kitchen counter.

Go for neutral colours

What are neutral colours? Shades like grey, cream, black, white, and brown are called “neutral colours”. They can add a special effect to a room in light.

A neutral colour palette, a small kitchen will feel less cramped and more open.

Sunlight on the walls will really bring out a certain character in the room that will deepen the cheerful environment which you’re looking for.

Choice of colour is crucial in small kitchen decoration, as this interior design company in dhaka repeatedly asserts.

Have a window seat

Does your kitchen have a window?

Build a table into the window sill and add a chair or two to create a small dining space.

It will add functionality to the kitchen, and give you the chance to have a complete cook-and-dine setup.

Add open shelving

You can get innovative with storage with the addition of industrial-style open shelving in small columns in your small kitchen.

It expands your counter space, helps you see all the supplies you have, and makes it easier to plan your shopping.

Hang from the ceiling

Another innovative storage idea.

Install hanging rods – one or a series of rods – on the ceiling and use them to hang crockery and cutlery.

Copper pipes and brass rods look cool and are great for hanging typical kitchen articles.

This frees up space on your counter and in your cabinets to keep other things.

Get light appliances

Lightening up the space is a key design method in small room decor. As we know, when it comes to room design, colour can make an important difference.

So, how do you do that in your kitchen?


Go for cream coloured appliances paired with white tiles, light wooden floors and light blue cabinets.

Making a small kitchen space come alive with interior design – conclusion

So that’s it from us on the essential room decor tips for a small-sized kitchen.

Using these design approaches will help you get the most out of your limited space, and transform your kitchen from just another cooking space to a niche for you to relax and enjoy preparing food in.

Which of these design tips did you like the most?

Which are you planning on implementing in your own kitchen design?