So you’ve been dating for some time now and are thinking of taking the relationship to the next level. Naturally, this next step is quite an exciting one in your life. After all, it’s only natural for your relationship to evolve. But how can you be sure you’re ready for the next step? Most of you will be looking at signs that point to it. But signs can be quite vague, with most people ignoring them altogether. In most cases, people trust their gut feeling. However, trusting your gut is the wrong way to go about it.

Signs are the best indication that both of you are ready for the next step. So here are the six signs that tell you’re ready to take the relationship to the next level.

You Have Mutual Trust

Trust is one of the most important ingredients to a successful relationship. Trusting your partner is one thing, but do they trust you? Mutual trust means both of you are confident with each other’s backs. You trust each other to make the right choice and trust to work to make the relationship last. Taking the relationship to the next level usually means moving in together.

For some of you love birds, it might mean taking the knee and making the big proposal. For others, it’s about telling your crush that you like them. The step can be big, or it can be small. If it is small and you’re right at the beginning, here are ways to tell your crush you like them and take the relationship to the next level. But regardless of what it means, you have to establish mutual trust. If that is indeed the case, that’s one sign that both of you are ready.

You Support Each Other

In addition to trusting each other, both of you need to establish mutual support. Supporting means being there for your partner through thick and thin. You are their rock, and they are yours as well. This is a super positive sign that tells you you’re ready for the next level. Simply knowing that your partner supports you when you’re having a bad day is a sign of a healthy relationship. Take a look at Sydney Escorts.

But not only that, it’s a sign that both of you are ready to put aside your personal issues to make the other one feel better. Being available for your partner regardless of how you feel cannot be underestimated. It takes loyalty and commitment to lend your ear and hear out their problems and troubles.

You’re Both Accountable

Doing something bad or making the wrong choice isn’t a red flag in a relationship. Everyone makes mistakes, but all mistakes can be fixed. What is a red flag is not taking accountability for your actions. Some people have a habit of never admitting they’re wrong. While this is mainly due to ego, it’s also a sign of an unhealthy obsession. Being obsessed with being right will only ruin your relationship.

Sometimes, we have to bite our tongue and admit fault when we haven’t done anything wrong. But is this healthy? Constantly apologizing for your partner’s mistakes can turn into a negative habit where your partner takes advantage of you. People that do this are often called energy vampires. The name refers to any close person, in this case, your partner, that sucks your energy for the smallest thing possible. It could be fighting over something, with your partner never admitting fault.

If this happens constantly, it’s a sign that they’re not ready to take the relationship to the next level. But if both of you have a habit of apologizing for your mistakes, that can only be a positive sign.

You’re Very Intimate

People have intimacy issues. While we can’t judge why our partners feel this way, we can work through intimacy issues with our partners. The problem occurs when either one of you, or both of you, aren’t happy with the level of intimacy in your relationship. Is your partner weird when you hold their hand in public? Do they let you kiss them when out with friends?

While many of you will shrug off these issues, they point out a very bad red flag. If your partner doesn’t like to show intimacy when out in public, or the bedroom, they might be hiding something. We should all be satisfied with the level of intimacy in our relationship before taking it to the next level. If the connection isn’t there, you should delay moving in together.

You Both Have A Separate Lifes Outside the Relationship

One of the biggest problems in any relationship is when people become dependent. While there’s nothing wrong with stressing over common issues, a healthy relationship where each partner has a level of independence and separate life is a healthy sign. By having separate lives, we don’t mean having a secret life. By separate life, we refer to a hobby, an activity, going out with friends, not stressing, and general autonomy without our partners.

In a healthy relationship, you should go out with friends. You don’t have to involve each other in every activity. But if one of you is so dependent on the other, it can cause a massive problem in the future. So before taking the relationship to the next level, make sure that both of you are independent.

Your Values Align

At the end of the day, we cannot make a life with another person if we don’t share the same values. This is why love chemistry is important in a relationship. If you’re totally opposite people, the differences can create big issues. But people can work through each other’s differences without altering their personalities to suit the other person.

In an ideal world, both of you have the same values and beliefs. How can you expect to take the relationship to the next level if one of you wants children while the other doesn’t? The foundation of every healthy relationship is having values that align.