How do you deal with the inevitable struggles that come your way? Do you retreat into your shell, or do you actively pursue a solution? What alternative approaches have you tried? For starters, shamanic healing can help you deal with life’s doldrums. The ideals are tied to ancient tradition and may help you overcome the struggles that come your way. In that regard, shamanic healing training can equip you with the know-how and tools to promote inner healing. 

Generally, shamanic healing uses rituals and prayer to keep tabs on the spiritual world. In so doing, the spiritual realm guides you or your loved ones through troubling times. If you feel like a thick dark cloud hangs over your head, shamanic healing practices might be worth trying. Let’s go through six such practices to help you see the light during dark times. 

1. Connecting with Nature

Nature is a great source of healing and inspiration. You might need to consider spending time outside in nature and connecting with the earth and the elements. 

When I’m in nature, the stress and tension from my day disappear. It’s hard to explain why, but there seems like a feeling of peace all around you. Being one with nature fills your senses with calmness as well. So, in a sense, nature’s energy makes its way into everything around us. 

In a way, spending time outdoors or by a body of water allows the natural world to heal our spirits. While you’re at it, you may need to invoke a shamanic spirit by verbalizing or reciting a phrase that ties up with your need. 

2. Staying in Touch with Your Ancestors

Shamanic proponents believe that our ancestors are a great source of strength and guidance. Thus, by connecting with them and asking for their assistance and wisdom through shamanic journeying, we can overcome our challenges. 

To contact your ancestors, first light candles to represent them and then sit down with closed eyes in an isolated place where you’ll be able to think clearly without distractions. Now, visualize yourself being surrounded by your ancestors and seeking their guidance to deal with your difficulties.  

3. Create A Fun Box

To use this approach, jot down any past trauma or hurt on pieces of paper and put them in a box. It can be helpful to think about specific events or people who have caused you pain in the past. 

Consider sitting with the fun box before you and closing your eyes each day. Visualize yourself opening the box, picking one of the papers, and releasing all the pain and hurt inside. See it floating away from you into the light, where it can no longer hurt you. 

You might also need to read up on shamanism online. It will give you the tools you need to work with and hopefully help you overcome or deal with the pain from your past.

4. Letting Go of the Past

Getting over your past isn’t always easy, but it’s possible. If you have people in your life that deserve a second chance after being let go or ignored, consider reaching out. Be honest about how much their forgiveness means for both parties and offer the necessary support- just listening can make it easier. 

Take the opportunity to make amends. If you need to, apologize for past wrongs. Doing so can help set the record straight and foster your union by promoting healing. Ultimately, even if things don’t work out, you can be sure that you at least tried. 

5. Tapping into the Elements

Shamanism believes that we are connected to the elements. Thus, if you feel deflated or as though your energy is sagging, the elements can reinvigorate and create a new sense of self-belief. 

Each element- earth, air, fire, and water- has unique qualities that can help bring out your inner strength. You can invoke the elements by calling on their associated colors, smells, sounds, or tastes. For example, if you need grounding, you might invoke earthy elements by spending time in nature. 

6. Taking Part in A Shamanic Sun Ritual

Anxiety can be extremely draining. If you feel like you’re teetering on edge, a shamanic sun ritual could be the magic bullet you need. 

The ritual involves heading outside into the sun and letting its rays wash over you. It is said that the sun’s fiery energy can cleanse and heal by consuming our fears and concerns. This sun ritual is a great way to bring light and positivity into your life during dark or trying times. 

Overall, shamanic healing practices may help you connect with your spiritual guides and provide you with the assistance you need to heal and move forward. Don’t hesitate to reach out for shamanic healing if you struggle with something. It could be the light you need to see you through the blackness.