Why do I need a website? Is it worth the investment?

I don’t think I know anything about websites and online selling…

I have business profiles on social media, then why do I need a website?

You may have hundreds of questions, but still, we stay strong in one fact- your business needs a website.

We tell you why.

The internet has changed the world and more importantly, people’s buying perspective.

People, now, strongly rely on the internet to search for new companies, products, reviews and then make online purchases.

People spend an average of 5 hours glued to their mobile devices every day.

51% of them discover a new company through search results.

79% of the business owners with a website expect to see a growth of 25% in the next 2-3 years than 64% without a website.

The rapid rise of social media platforms too has given equal opportunities to businesses to present their products to the world.

Websites empower your business. They give your brand an identity and help you to generate revenues.  

Here are 6 strong reasons why your business, big or small, needs a website-

  1. Showcase Your Brand

How do you go about telling people about your brand?

How do you let people know that you exist and your business offers amazing products and services for sale?

A website makes it easy, too easy, as a matter of fact.

There are reasons for it.

  •  4.66 billion users access the internet all over the world.  This is about 60% of the global population.
  •  At 97%, Northern Europe has the highest internet penetration rate.
  • The highest number of internet users are in China at 854 million. 

Given the number of internet users, you can place a safe bet by creating a business website, isn’t it?

But also know that 57% of the online users would not recommend a poorly designed website.

So opting for good web development services is also crucial to showcase your brand. 

A website that offers the best user interface, is optimized for conversions and offers the finest user experience is all you need to showcase your brand and make the sales.

Now, whenever someone asks you “what does your business sell?” offer them the link of your website.

Done. What better way than a website to showcase your brand proudly?  

  1. Build A Loyal Customer Base

Customer loyalty is a tough thing to come by.

Traditional businesses would require years to establish a good customer base.

But if your website looks good and communicates information clearly to your customers, chances are that it will earn you credibility soon.

We all know that first impressions count. If your website’s UI/UX is great, it comforts the visitor and turns them into repeat visitors.

Moreover, referrals in the form of testimonials, ratings, influencer case studies and even word-of-mouth reviews have the potential to pull new visitors to your website and keep building a loyal customer base.  

Check the statistics here-

  • More than 80% of US shoppers are influenced by their friend’s social media posts.
  • Referral leads have a 30% higher conversion rate than any other lead forms.
  • 65% of the new deals of online companies are through referral accounts.
  • The lifetime value of referral customers is 16% higher than the non-referral customers.

There is no denying the fact that a website offers multiple opportunities to build a dedicated customer base. 

  1. Sell Your Products The Easy Way

Door-to-door selling, big hoardings, distributing pamphlets, setting up shop in trade fairs, you might have tried multiple ways to sell your products to customers.

Traditional marketing is never easy and you do not have a guarantee that your advertisement reaches the high-intent prospects.

But with a website, getting leads and selling products is easy.

Social media platforms, organic searches, SEO, paid campaigns, PPC, lead generation campaigns, social media influencers, Google My Business, blogs, backlinks, you have hundreds of ways to get leads to your website.

What is more interesting is that you can target your advertisement to the right audience.

Updates, announcements, deals and offers, a website offers a simple way to keep your customers up-to-date on everything.

It means that you sell your products the easy and cost-effective way too!

  1. Reach People Far & Wide 24*7

With a physical store, you reach customers in and around its periphery.

Even if your brand has earned name and fame, people from far-off places are not going to frequent your shop to buy products.

A physical store has its own limitations when it is concerned with customer reach.

But with a website, the possibilities are limitless.

You set your online store in London and sell products to people in the US. Or you can set up a virtual tribal handicraft store from a remote place in Africa and let people from all over the world buy it, and at their convenience.

Now, we are inspired by Jeff Bezos of Amazon. Did you know that during the initial days, Amazon operated out of Bezos’s Bellevue home garage?  

Yes, a website allows people to buy products from anywhere, at any time of the day.

The door for your online store is open to all visitors 365*24*7.

Now, that is one good reason to have a website for all businesses, big or small.  

  1. Stand Out From The Crowd

Nowadays, businesses have become competition-intense.

With enterprises searching for ways and means to attract customers first, a website offers a unique way to tell them you are the best.

Your competitor has a website too?

Well then, you have competitor website analysis techniques to find how you can outperform them and get visitors to your site.

Your website should be perfect in all aspects than your competitor’s website.

40% of the customers feel that they are likely to visit a competitor’s website if they have trouble accessing your website.

Hire a good web development company to build a great website. It will help you get instant viewer attention.

Blogging on the website is another way to establish your authority over your rivals.

  • You will find 600 million blogs out of the nearly 2 billion websites on the internet.
  • Businesses publishing more than 15 posts per month receive about four times more traffic than those that publish fewer posts.
  • 60% of the consumers read blog posts before making the final purchase decision.  

Blogging engages the online audience and influences them to make the purchase.  

A website gives your business an impetus to be the best. It gives you a distinct identity and lets you run ahead of your competitors.

What more, with a good website, you not only survive the competition but also see better than expected results in your business sales and profits.   

  1. Increase Your Business Growth

A website is a great tool to pitch your products directly to a high-intent audience.

When you invest in a website, you invest in your business growth.

A website gives you an opportunity to track your audience and measure the success of your business.

From website visitors, demographics, bounce rates to paid campaign success measurements, a website offers you ample opportunity to know your audience, get the right visitors, make sales and generate consistent revenues.

Wrap Up

A website can do wonders for your business. It helps you establish your online brand identity.

If we have been able to convince you to have one, get it done today. It is never too late to get new customers and grow your business.Remember, your business needs a website, a good one, that too. Hire web development services from an established company, discuss your business goals and get going.