Organizing outdoor events is a fun way to entertain your guests. The canopy of twinkling stars at night, the freshness of the lush green grass, or trees in the background—each of these settings enhances the beauty of your event. So, whether it is a wedding, a corporate event, or a birthday party, you can never go wrong in an outdoor setting.

How will you ensure that your guest has access to the bathroom when they need it. This one issue has the potential to ruin your even completely, so you have to come up with a solution.

Racking up your brain and still not finding one? Here we have one for you— a portable toilet for your event.

Yes, you heard it right! You can rent a port-a-potty for events wherever you are. They provide the most convenient and affordable solution to your dilemma.

How to find a portable restroom in your locality?

Finding a portable restroom provider in your locality is not a science. States like Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, etc., famous for outdoor adventures and events, often have multiple established vendors to supply these toilets. So, you can rent a port-a-potty for events in Oregon and other outdoorsy states with no hassle at all. Ask around in the locality or simply search “rent a port-a-potty for events near me” online. You will see many alternatives appearing on your screen. Contact a few providers and know about their rates and pick and drop services. Also, visit their websites and check the customer reviews. Once you have all the points jotted down, select the one closest to your requirements and budget. Now that you know how to find the suppliers, let’s look at the benefits.

  1. Affordable

One of the benefits of renting a restroom is its affordability. The alternative to renting is constructing a brand new toilet at the event location. The latter option is not only expensive, but it is impractical too. The event locations change, and you cannot construct a toilet wherever you go. Moreover, the bigger the event—a corporate expo—the more toilets you need. So, renting a bathroom seems like a much more prudent and economical alternative.

  • Time-saving

If you have planned an event in a few days, you cannot waste the remaining time planning the construction of a toilet. The whole process will require you to buy materials and look for a contractor. All this can be very perturbing when you are already short on time. On the contrary, you can arrange for a portable toilet by making a few calls. The setup of such toilets is a breeze, and if need be, they can be transported to a different location. You can utilize the time saved here to look after other matters that need your urgent attention.

  • Unobtrusive look

Why did you plan your event in an outdoor setting? To enhance the aesthetics with beautiful backgrounds, right? So, would you ruin the beauty of your venue with a traditional, not-so discreet toilet? We highly doubt that! Most event organizers follow a theme in which a traditional port-a-potty often seems out of place. However, standard toilets may be okay for places like workplaces and makeshift construction sites, but certainly not for an event where aesthetics is everything. On the contrary, luxury rentable toilets have a clean and discreet look. They are often all white and perfectly blend with the other details of your event.

  • Laced with all amenities

Procuring all the bathroom supplies before your event can be time-consuming and a hassle. So, the best part about renting a luxury bathroom is that they come with all the necessary bathroom amenities—soap, toilet paper, mirror, sink, flushing toilet, etc. These high-quality amenities make you feel that you are in a luxury indoor bathroom. Such bathrooms have everything to become the talk of the town, of course in a good way, once your event wraps up.

  • Minimize footfall going inside the house

Suppose you are holding a birthday party, a wedding reception, or an event to celebrate your kid’s graduation. In that case, you have a lot of people in your house. Therefore, it becomes challenging to know who wanders into your home and intrudes on your personal space. So, losing things is common in such events.

Having a portable bathroom can decrease the footfall going inside the house. You can lock the house until the end of the event. Once most people are gone, you can take your closest guests to give a tour of your place or have coffee together.

  • Reduce the number of waiting in line for their turn

With so many people gathered for an event, you cannot manage them with a few toilets. There will be a time when you find people standing in line waiting for their turn to use these facilities. Such a situation can be inconvenient for the guests and embarrassing for the hosts. Setting up many portable toilets means your guests don’t need to wait in lines. There will be less of a bottleneck situation in the bathroom.

  • Pristine and clean

A washroom is the last place that you would want dirty. Clean restrooms can also immensely impress your guests. Due to their regular maintenance, hygiene, and cleanliness checks level up your outdoor event’s hygiene and sanitation standards.

Companies offering portable washroom services always keep these facilities in pristine condition. So, these well-lit toilets with stainless steel sinks and marble tops are not worth missing if you want to make your event a total success.


Making your event a complete success needs you to take care of many aspects— venue, food, guest lists, and drinks. But in all this hassle you cannot forget about arranging portable toilets for your guests. At some time during the event, everyone needs to use these facilities. Portable luxury restrooms are immaculate and fulfill hygiene standards to make your guests happy with the arrangements. Your event also goes by smoothly.