Historically, engineering has been a male-dominated field, with women comprising only around 14% of the current workforce. However, more and more organizations are recognizing the value that women bring to the engineering profession and are taking steps to ensure that everyone feels welcome and included in the industry. While it may not be a female-led industry yet, engineering is not gender exclusive and there are many compelling reasons why more women should consider this as a career choice. 

Here are 6 reasons engineering is a career field for everyone

1. Engineering is about solving problems. Engineering is a far-reaching field that can touch almost any facet of life. Whether it’s finding ways to make daily tasks easier, harvesting energy from renewable sources, or even building rockets for interplanetary travel, engineers are on the frontlines of problem solving. What makes this field truly special is that it’s open to anyone looking for an intellectual challenge, regardless of gender. Engineering is seen as something both men and women can do, encouraging innovative solutions from some of the brightest minds in the world.  

2. There are many different types of engineering. The field of engineering has something for everyone. From civil to computer, mechanical to biochemical, and aerospace, there is a type of engineering to suit each individual’s interests and skills. Each type offers its own unique challenges and rewards from creating products that make people’s lives easier to protect the environment from degradation by improving production processes. For those looking to explore their options, an engineering program may be the perfect answer. Many schools offer an online master’s for everyone looking to enter this versatile field. 

3. A growing field with many job opportunities. Whether it be designing the latest smartphone, engineering a sleek new car, or developing sustainable energy sources, this broad discipline provides innovation at every step. Engineering jobs are exciting and allow individuals to broaden their expertise as they work on cutting-edge projects. With many job openings available throughout a variety of sectors, there are plenty of options for those interested in entering this unique industry. High salaries across the field also make engineering a lucrative career path to pursue. 

4. Relies on creativity and imagination to solve real-world problems. Engineering offers an exciting opportunity to be creative and use your imagination while making a tangible impact on the world around us. By engaging with the design process in engineering, you have the chance to innovate and find unique solutions to problems that have not yet been solved. This can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, as you can apply something that you have envisioned and developed, which then goes on to make a meaningful difference. Whether it’s improving lives or creating efficiencies, engineering allows you to come up with brilliant ideas that can be brought to life and make a real change in the world.

5. Engineering teaches you how to think critically and logically. Beyond joining pipes or building machines, engineering is a way to develop problem-solving skills and sharpen your critical and logical thinking. With engineering, you’ll learn how to break down complex problems into smaller components and tackle each one with creative solutions. Through this approach, you’ll gain the capacity to look at each situation from different angles while developing expertise. With improved critical and logical thinking, you’ll also be able to better assess potential outcomes or challenges with any task that might come your way. 

6. Female role models have paved the way. Despite facing significant institutional gender bias, female engineers have persevered to make major technological advancements that have changed the world. From the inventions of NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson to Mary Anderson’s patented windshield wipers, many female role models have paved the way for today’s generation of innovators in engineering. These early trailblazers have accomplished extraordinary feats despite immense odds and have played a role in encouraging other females to pursue their ambitions and make a positive impact on our society in the field of engineering.

                                                          Engineering is an exciting field full of opportunities for those with an aptitude for science and technology, regardless of gender. There is still much work to be done when it comes to increasing diversity in this career field, but many organizations are already taking strides toward creating more inclusive work environments through various initiatives. With these measures in place, we can achieve more diverse perspectives on product design and development in the exciting and impactful field of engineering.