“And, it happened last night, again!”- a statement commonly heard from boys going through their puberty as well as grown-up men. Yes, nightfall can be annoying, confusing, and an embarrassing experience for males. Although there is nothing to be ashamed of, the prevailing myths about it can be disturbing. In their teenage years, boys keep asking “what is nightfall” to the search engines or their close friends, given it is not a problem they can admit to their elders. And more often than not, friends suggest the prevalent myths they must have heard somewhere about “wet dreams.” So, let us understand what is nightfall and decode the myths related to it.

What Is Nightfall? – The Truth Behind It

Nightfall, commonly termed as “wet dreams” and “nocturnal emission,” is a spontaneous orgasm or unconscious ejaculation. There are two broad reasons for this phenomenon. The first is that when boys go through puberty, the hormonal changes and development of sexual body parts can create an intolerable urge to have sex. This tendency leads them to either dream of engaging in sexual activities or cause an unconscious orgasm during slumber.

The second reason concerns grown-up men who want to know “what is nightfall.” Well, doctors suggest that nightfall is the typical procedure of a male to release old semen from the testicles. Yes, men’s testicles continuously produce sperm in spermatogenesis.

Usually, men keep releasing these sperms through masturbation of sexual function. So, when any of those activities do not happen, a man is likely to ejaculate unconsciously and naturally without any physical stimulation. To understand this concept better, read more and learn about what is nightfall and how to solve it. But before that, let us find out the prevailing myths about nightfall that depress most men.

6 Myths About Nightfall: Decoded With Facts

Men concerning what is nightfall are likely to encounter the common myths associated with the act. It is better to know about these myths and stop risking mental health.

#1 Nightfall Reduces Sperm Count

Yes, most men and young boys believe that nightfalls can potentially reduce their natural sperm count. But in reality, it indeed does the contrary! Yes, nightfall releases the old semen naturally from the testicles, making room for new and fresh semen. So, it has nothing to do with the sperm count. A healthy man can produce up to 15-200 million sperms per milliliter of semen.

#2 It Hampers a Person’s Immunity

Nightfalls do not affect a man’s immunity or stamina, either to perform sex or any other regular chores. A man who has never experienced wet dreams is likely to be as healthy and immune as the one who has. Immunity is a consequence of a healthy diet and lifestyle, and it has nothing to do with natural ejaculation. After all, the testicular sac holds nothing but semen! So, any natural release from that part of the body cannot hamper one’s immune system.

#3 Masturbation & Sex Can Eliminate Nightfall

A man with a sound sex life or regular masturbation can also experience nightfall! Yes, these activities are potentially responsible for reducing the frequency of nightfalls as a man uses physical stimulation to release sperm. But this fact does not conclude that a man can eliminate the chances of nightfall by masturbating regularly.

#4 Nightfall Shrinks Penis Size

Whenever an unnatural sexual phenomenon occurs to a man, the first myth he starts believing is it will affect his penis size! Nightfall is a spontaneous cycle and a male body’s response to intolerable sexual desire or overloaded testicles! It can neither increase nor decrease a man’s penis size.

#5 It Is A Sign of Underlying Sexual Illness

Yes, most adolescent boys and men start believing that there is “something wrong” with them, which is why they are experiencing nightfall. Most people do not socially or publicly admit experiencing or telling what is nightfall out of embarrassment. Since the act encapsulates a “social stigma” with it, men are not comfortable sharing these experiences. But just because one does not hear it happening to everyone does not mean he is going through something abnormal.

#6 Nightfall Can Lead To Reduced Sexual Capability

Men asking what is nightfall hold the fear of finding out that it will make them sexually incapable! Yes, one of the worst myths of all, some people end up believing that natural ejaculation would rip them off their physical endurance and power of doing the act! However, there is no truth to it as a man’s sexual function does not depend upon how he releases his sperms.

Men must feel relieved after going through the facts behind nightfall. However, the regular occurrence of wet dreams is not a pleasing experience, and one must try to get a hold of it. Therefore, it is best to consume fiber and nutrients rich food and other reliable dietary supplements to strengthen muscle health. Take the necessary steps and stay healthy, fit, and confident!