Horseshoes are used by more than horses. Many consider them good luck and you may often see them sitting around homes. If you have a horseshoe game set, then you can play a fun game for all ages. The game of horseshoes is said to have originated with Ancient Roman soldiers just passing time. 

While the game has been passed down through the ages, it still brings hours of entertainment to all who play. If you’re ready to shop for your own horseshoe game set, here are a few must-have features to look for before you buy. 

Full Lifetime Warranty

The game of horseshoes is actually played with real horseshoes and steel stakes. Since the equipment is forged in metal and it’s pretty simple, the manufacturer should offer a lifetime warranty. No cheap knockoffs here because you can’t take a chance on pieces bending or breaking. 

Forged of Solid Steel

Look for a horseshoe game set that is forged in solid steel and hopefully done so in America. Quality equipment is necessary, and a solid steel horseshoes game set will last forever. It will also make gameplay much more fun.

NHPA Regulations

You’ll also want to find a horseshoes game set that meets the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association’s (NHPR) regulations. This helps even for adult social play. If the manufacturer cares enough to ensure the horseshoes game set meets NHPA standard regulations, then it’s probably a quality product. 

Ringer Breaker and Finger Positioner

A high-quality horseshoes game set will have ringer breakers to help lock in ringers, so they rotate the shoe. This means more points in the game. The finger positioner will help you find a comfortable grip so you can toss like a professional. 

Quality Carrying Case 

A great horseshoes game set will include a quality, padded carrying case for easy transport and storage. This helps keep your horseshoes from knocking together during transport and gives you a safe place to keep things neatly tucked away when not in use. A quality carrying case with additional padding will help properly store your horseshoes game set so it can offer a lifetime of fun and entertainment. 

Durable Powder Coat Finish

You should also look for a horseshoes game set with a quality paint job with a durable powder coat finish. This helps keep your horseshoe’s game set looking new and functioning properly for years to come. Chipped or peeling paint can get in the way of ringers so you want a good name-brand paint job on your horseshoes game set.

Start Shopping for Your Horseshoes Game Set Today

Today is a great day to start shopping for your new horseshoes game set. Look for one with a lifetime warranty, a quality carrying case, and a durable powder coat finish. If it’s forged of solid steel according to NHPA regulations with a ringer breaker and finger positioner, then you may have found your horseshoes game set. Be prepared for hours of fun and entertainment for the entire family.