The Fitness world is one true example of constant ramification. From Peleton’s latest Bike+ to FitBit’s durable smartwatches, leading businesses effectively leverage the fitness industry’s higher consumer growth model. In 2019, 68.7 million smartphone owners in the United States used at least one health or fitness app at least once per month and are expected to reach 86.3 million users of health or fitness apps by 2022. 

From global fitness chains to keeping oneself healthy in this high-stressed era, many business experts also resonate that it is one of the fruit-bearing times for enterprises to adopt digital fitness services. So, if you’re also considering fitness apps to drive business expansion, which we’ll explain in this post why you should, here are some tips that every fitness app owner should know during their fitness app development.

Biggest Fitness Industry Trends in 2021

-User personalization

Personalization is an attractive tool for fitness app development which allows user-specific features integration based upon personal information like age, weight, gender, etc. Such features also generate greater appeal to users and offer “trustworthy” feelings, thus increasing the brand’s organic consumer traffic, likeability, and competitive durability.

-Wearable & Non-wearable integration

Both wearables and non-wearable devices aid users to navigate fitness activities as per their choice swiftly. Their ever-increasing demand is proof that you must adopt flexible fitness app development services that can deploy user profiles, fitness tracking information, and consumer preferences in your app and let you enjoy larger channels of user growth. It can help to add health and dental checkups to the mix to stay healthy. If you’ve dental issues, you can cure gingivitis at a Dentist washington heights.

-Goal Setting

If there’s fitness apps, there would be goals too! With goal setting features, your app enables users to explore measurable results and allow them to motivate, compete, and enjoy the lazy-to-fit pathway. Moreover, your fitness app development company can also integrate vital user monitoring insights like sleep monitor, weekly/monthly goals, and a lot more to keep your app’s uniqueness intact.


Gamification is a trending fitness trend that is nascent but is steadily growing in the fitness world. While providing fitness measurement services, business owners can now introduce numerous gamification features like levels, challenges, quests, points, and badges that keep users encouraged and build exceptional “personal experience” while maintaining professional touch.

-Tracking metrics

Fitness apps should also exhibit tracking metrics that cover over-the-top app specialities like activity meter, time stamp, and progress evaluation features which records user’s manual fitness data. While there could be unlimited to implement and more than ample to confuse the users, your app should cover basic amenities like distance, duration, calories to provide an all-rounder app functionality. 

-Geolocation and Monitoring

Geolocation is a fantastic feature to look for during fitness app development. Such features allocate users’ history in their shelves and easily monitor their daily/weekly or monthly targets and achievements. Within monitoring, you can also explore user-defined services such as Push Notifications and Reminders to remind users about their upcoming week tasks, fresh challenges, and in-app purchase offers.

The app market is one of the fiercely competition-filled domains, and most businesses lose the spirit due to the absence of correct implementation. While you could start with your custom-built apps, choosing an expert mobile app developer could help you migrate easily and achieve higher ROIs and long-term success.

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