If you’re the type of person who likes to have plenty of fun and get things done, you might be wondering what you can fit into a spare 15 minutes. Whether it’s at the start of your day or at the end of a long and busy period, there are many things you can do with a spare 15 minutes. Let’s look at some of the fun things you could spend this spare time on.

1. Go for a Run

Physical exercise isn’t everybody’s idea of a fun time, but if this sounds exciting to you then it’s a great way to spend 15 minutes. If you choose to do physical exercise, there are many other options to consider, including yoga or a gentle stroll around your neighbourhood or local park.

2. Read a Chapter of a Book

This one is for the book lovers, since a chapter will take on average 15 minutes to read. It depends how fast or how slow you read, of course, but you can generally make some pretty good progress in a quarter of an hour. 

3. Play a Game

Whether you want to try your luck at https://www.spinpalace.com/nz/ or connect with friends online and play your favourite racing game, a 15-minute slot is a great opportunity for gaming. You can play games on a desktop, your mobile, or a gaming console from the comfort of your home.

4. Cook a Meal

There are hundreds of 15-minute recipes that you can explore, no matter what time of the day and no matter what your food preferences are. You can find vegetarian recipes and recipes for meat lovers alike, as well as plenty of desserts and snacks. Whip up a quick curry or salad using this extra time – and if you plan ahead, you might even be able to make extra food for later!

5. Paint Your Nails

If you’re efficient with your time, you could manage to apply a full set of nail polish in the space of 15 minutes. If you’re going out or simply want to experiment with a new colour, using this time to get your creative juices flowing can leave you or a friend with perfectly polished nails. 

6. Have a Sing-along

People who love singing might enjoy using their spare 15 minutes to have a sing-along or listen to some music. This is something you can do with other people or alone, and you can do it almost wherever you are. Turn on the radio, log online to your favourite streaming service, or sing acapella around your home. There are many health benefits of singing too, making this a great way to use your spare time.

When you have several minutes to spare, there are various ways you could choose to spend this time. Whether you want to relax, do something productive, have some fun, or a combination of all three, there is no shortage of ideas for how you could spend your spare 15 minutes!