Rewarded video ads effectively increase user engagement and retention while providing a positive user experience. Monetization platform Unity Ads found that 62% of mobile gamers regularly view rewarded video ads in exchange for a quality gaming experience and 71% find this advertising preferable to other methods. Moreover, rewarded video ads can be two times more effective than interstitial videos. This article will provide everything you need to know about reward video adand shares best practices to integrate this advertising format effectively.

1. Ad Placement Is Critical to Success

How you choose to implement rewarded video ads in-game will determine whether they positively or negatively impact the user experience.Considering what is important to your users who use your app is a smart idea to define your ads’ best placement. 

You can place your ad in between the levels which will give the user an opportunity to leverage your ads to progress even more in the game. If a user loses life or points and is unable to proceed further, in that particular moment they may find rewarded ads very useful. Developers can also place rewarded video ads in an app’s in-game store and on the home screen to maximize visibility. 

2. Give Priority To The User Experience

These video ads provide opportunities to satisfy both advertisers and users simultaneously. It is unnecessary for this advertising format to compromise the quality of your user’s experience. In fact, you need to make sure that the user’s experience should be taken as first priority and the reward video ads must contribute to your user’s happy hour. The advancements of reward video ads depend on daily active users and their engagement in the app. Keeping that in mind, implementing the ads in a more contributing way to users experience will produce required results for reward video ad’s successful advancements. 

3. Let Users Opt-in for rewarded Video Ads

There are many users who do not find interest in trading their time for in-game rewards and should still be able to enjoy your game. It’s wise to build reward video ads opt-in allowing the user to use your app according to their preferences. Allowing users to opt in is also positive for advertisers as it increases the quality of ad impressions and conversion rates.

4. Test Incentives for Optimal Results

Another critical factor that will impact the success of your rewarded video ads is the reward on offer. It is very important to test out different incentives and learn the optimal offering which will produce results and monetize your app. This testing  process should include the type of reward and quantity per ad. You must also consider which reward matches the ad placement: if a user is out of lives, they are more likely to want an extra life than power-ups or coins.

5. Boost in-app Purchases With Rewarded Video Ads

Marketers can use rewarded video ads to promote in-app purchases. This ad strategy allows many users who would not have made an in-app purchase access to a more greater experience, encouraging them to make future purchases. According to IronSource, users who have received a reward for watching a video ad are six times more likely to make in-app purchases. Marketing Dive found that users spend more than four times as much on in-app purchases after watching a rewarded ad. So that is why, you should use rewarded video ads as an opportunity to give users a taste of your most effective in-app purchases.

6. Give Unexpected Rewards to Users

Marketers also need to consider offering mystery rewards for watching rewarded video ads. Suppose, once a user has watched a video you can display multiple treasure chests and prompt them to select which one to unlock. This can offer a more satisfying user experience by building suspense and increasing satisfaction when a high-value reward is unlocked. If a user wants a specific prize, they might be willing to watch several ads to achieve their aim.

The bottom line is, reward video ads business is booming with golden possibilities.  Work smart to achieve your goal. Have a good day.