Raising kids is no easy job. We understand that better than you would think. From playtime to lunch and screen time, every parent wants to offer their kids the best quality screen time. With top streaming sites taking over, we have endless and marvelous choices when it comes to streaming options for kids. Whether you are a toddler mom or a mother to a young baby, Hulu has the solution to all your streaming problems.

From educational kid’s shows to entertainment shows, Hulu has a huge collection of shows and movies for you can choose from for your child. Moreover, in today’s day and time, kids learn more from their nurture than nature. To help your child’s brain grow and to educate them, here are the best shows and movies you can select from.

The Best Kids Shows on Hulu to Entertain and Educate Your Child

The New Adventure of Figaro Pho

Let your child enjoy the spectacular Figaro Pho and his fun and comedic adventures. Stream Figaro and his love for nothing more than stepping in for his friends and fellows.

The new adventures of Figaro Pho are an Australian kid’s show that you can stream on Hulu in Spain. Figaro Pho is a full-of-life boy who goes on adventures around his town. From filling in for baby cupid to getting sucked into the sock-detector but somehow always ends up getting in trouble.

Garfield and Friends

Stream Garfield the lazy lasagne-loving cat in all its glory. Enjoy the classic stories of Garfield. Who’s Garfield? Garfield is a ginger tom cat who is extremely lazy and always hungry.

Your favorite neighborhood cat, who loves naps and food., Accompanied by Jon and Oddie, the dog, to solve problems. While Garfield would like no sleep, his plans and patience are tested when he has to save the dog. If you have a toddler, we are sure they will love this.

Wander Over Yonder

Enjoy the stories of two best friends Wander and Sylvia. One is optimistic, while the other one has a temper issue. However, both are always up to helping others. So, the travelers embarked on a new adventure and wander through the cosmos fighting evil to restore peace on Earth.

The Little Pony: Friendship is Magic  

Every girl dreamed of having one, if you have a little toddler who is a girl, then Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will be the perfect choice for entertainment.

The story follows Princess Celestia who sends her high-achieving student to Ponyville, she makes five new friends on the way. Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie are bound with magic, love, friendship, honesty, and loyalty.

There is nothing in the world friends cannot do by working together. Learn friendship and how when you have true friends around nothing is really hard no mountain is too hard to climb and no sky is too far.

Sesame Street

Stream and enjoy the old-school educational show Sesame Street. Sesame Street is a classic show featuring puppet characters like Elmo, Cookie Monster, and the big yellow bird. The neighborhood comes together in the peaceful streets of an inner-city called sesame street. The show’s target audience is preschoolers. 

The show teaches educational and social skills through comedy, muppets, and fun. A fun, colorful world of education filled with joy and singing. The show aims to help children retain important social skills through singing and engaging them. 

A perfect choice for your young one. The full series is available to be viewed on Hulu in Spain.

Lego Master

One of the most effective ways to encourage cognitive brain growth and motor skills. Enjoy streaming the show that revolves around toys and games coming together and joining hands.  Legos are sensory play that helps kids in learning small things like picking and putting down actions and putting together.

To encourage in a show that helps them with quick thinking and problem-solving skills.

Lego master is a reality game with two teams of amateur Lego builders. They go head-to-head in a challenge in an extreme gameshow of brick-building with an unlimited supply of Lego bricks. To outshine the other teams in design, size, and more to become the ultimate winner. The team with the best creation takes home the crown of becoming the greatest Lego builder.


So that is our list of the best shows whether you are looking for entertainment or education. Where there are many options on the streaming site you can enjoy a vast and diverse range of kids’ shows on Hulu in Spain. With the new Hulu lock feature, you can also lock your child to a certain show category. Let us know if you find these shows and movies helpful and we will search and bring you more. Happy streaming!