Onyx’s history is long and proud. It has been used to create beautiful jewelry and sculptures. These days, however, it is also used to create countertops for the interior of homes. If you feel like adding something different to the interior design of your home, then onyx is an option. The following are some of the benefits of deciding on an onyx countertop:

1. Appearance

The first advantage of having an onyx countertop is its appearance. These countertops are normally pastel or light in color. Onyx comes in various colors – just like granite. These colors include yellow, red, blue and green. Also, onyx comes in neutral tones like beige and cream.

The unique patterns and variations of onyx make it aesthetically appealing. Just like quartz, it can include specks. It can be similar to marble with veins in it. It could also have swirls like in granite. Every onyx slab has a special look that makes it exotic and rare. If you’re looking for a unique and beautiful countertop, a perfect choice for you could be onyx.

2. Lifespan

Another benefit of onyx countertops is its long lifespan. Just like marble and granite, onyx can last for up to 100 years with proper maintenance and care. This most likely means that you won’t need to replace your home’s countertop during the remainder of your lifetime.

3. Cleanliness

Onyx countertops are simple to clean. When they become dirty or dusty, they can be wiped down using warm and soapy water. After they have been wiped down using soapy water, make use of a damp cloth to make sure that soap residue is removed.

As for other stone countertops like marble and granite, they have to be cleaned using stone cleaners. These stone cleaners can be expensive. Since you can clean an onyx countertop with mild soap, maintenance is simple and affordable.

4. Lighting

A very unique advantage of onyx is that it is translucent. What this means is that if a light is placed behind the stone, it will shine through. This means that onyx can be backlit.

Even though you might not backlight onyx on a countertop, one way to go about it is by installing an onyx backsplash that will glow from the countertop straight to the wall at the back. This will create a special feature that you won’t get with other stone countertops.

5. Value

If your home is up for sale and you have any type of natural stone incorporated into the property, there’s a likelihood that the resale value of the home will increase. As a result of its numerous benefits, natural stone is favored by a lot of people. With this, if you decide to add onyx countertops to your property, you will likely appeal to a lot of potential buyers if you decide to sell your home in the future.

6. Lightweight

When compared to other natural stone like marble and granite, onyx is actually a lighter option. Due to this, onyx can be used as countertops without needing to include additional support to ensure it is kept in place. This stone might be lightweight, but it remains very durable, meaning it is an ideal choice for use in places like the kitchen or bathroom.