Luxury apartments offer residents many benefits. You may enjoy great common areas, excellent security, covered parking and even monitored lots. There might be storage on-site to allow you to keep your home extremely minimal. No matter your age, you can live well even in a small luxury apartment. Click here for more info about luxury apartments San Diego.

Be Consistent About Color

Because most luxury apartments are open concept, make sure your color choices are consistent. If your cabinets have a grey barnwood finish, your black furniture will look great.

Your brown leather armchair may not work in the space. To keep your move simple, send the chair to the upholstery shop from your old apartment and have it delivered to the new space!

If you’re going to add a pop of color, pair it with texture. A teal blanket or throw over a black sofa will be eye-catching. If it’s fluffy and plush, it will also be inviting. Less is more, so be ready to look around for just the right blanket.

Keep Window Treatments Simple

The windows in the Arch Bloomington apartments offer terrific light and wonderful views. Whenever possible, avoid putting too much stuff on or around the windows. Yes, you need more room-dimming window covers where you sleep.

If you’re a bit more old-fashioned, add a lace valance or patterned sheers. If you prefer a more utilitarian look, stick with blinds. Luxury apartments tend to be open and airy. Leave the windows as simple as possible.

Use Common Areas Effectively

Think very carefully about what you need inside your home. Is there a television in your common area? Maybe you don’t need one inside your home. If your apartment complex features a fitness room, you may be able to skip yoga in your home, which can cut down on the floor space you need and the gear you store.

Put amenities to work when it comes to chores as well. While you’re doing laundry in a common area, bring down your electronics and charge things up. If you’re a student or a freelancer, bring your lap desk and get some work done while you’re waiting for the spin cycle to finish up.

Invest in Furniture that Offers Storage

An open, airy apartment is a joy. However, if it’s a cluttered mess, it won’t feel open or airy. Do your best to invest in furniture and features that provide portable storage. A trunk with a cushion becomes a window seat full of sweaters and blankets.

A pretty box from a craft store can hold extra cleaning products or toiletries. A wicker picnic basket can hold all your table linens, extra dishes or whatever you need to store. If you want an ebike to get to work or school, consider getting a foldable bike and arranging space for the case under your bed so you can secure your transportation.

No matter what storage pieces you invest in, make sure that you designate spots for all of your belongings. If your desk is loaded with pens and highlighters, treat yourself to a pretty tin or cup where you can store these tools. If you prefer to not have storage tools on the desktop, consider getting a flat box or bin that you can store under your laptop or your monitor where necessary desk tools can live.

Focus on Unique Pieces

To maintain that open idea in your luxury apartment, invest in just one piece instead of overloading the room. If you have great light for plants, get one large ceramic pot with one healthy plant.

If you love to read, get one pretty armchair, a small table and a floor lamp. Another option is to get a hanging chair with a stand that will draw you and guests to lounge comfortably in this comfy spot.

An open concept apartment can feel a bit bare. With a single, striking lamp with interesting architectural features, you can create a pool of light that focuses on this chair. Anyone entering your apartment after dark will see and be drawn to this eye-catching feature.

A luxury apartment will offer a lot of comfort, security, and community. Because these open design spaces make it easy to move air and light from room to room, keeping clutter down to a minimum is key. Careful organization and storage tools will keep your home much more satisfying and pleasant.