You won’t be able to travel far after a natural disaster. The roads will probably be filled with ruined cars, you won’t have access to gas, and you’ll need to clean up the mess. It will be the most difficult time of your life.

If your home is destroyed, it will make things ten times worse. Let’s look at some easy ways to protect your home from all kinds of natural disasters. The only thing you can’t prepare for is an asteroid strike.

1. Keep A Fire Extinguisher Handy

Natural disasters cause dangerous fires that can be worse than the main event itself, so keep some fire extinguishers handy. It doesn’t need to be as powerful as a lithium battery fire suppression generator.

Something that allows you to put out fires before they become unstoppable is suitable. Make sure you hang it somewhere that’s easy to reach fast, plus it should be serviced every year to ensure it actually works.

2. Install Fire Suppression System

If you read a guide to choosing a fire suppression system, you’ll know exterior sprinklers are effective against forest fires. I know you probably think a little water won’t be able to stop a raging fire from destroying your home.

Homes won’t survive if they’re stuck in the middle of a massive forest fire, but a wet exterior could save your home if it’s far enough away. Some people choose to install the same interior sprinkler systems you see in offices.

3. Turning It Off At The Mains ASAP

Earthquakes high enough on the Richter magnitude scale could cause your home to crumble to the ground. Even if it’s still standing once the quake dissipates, you could have leaks and electrical shorts throughout the house.

It’s crucial to turn off your gas, electricity, and water at the main shutoff control box to avoid fires, floods, and explosions. Everyone in your family who is old enough should know how to do it during an emergency.

4. Installing Sturdy Exterior Doors

If wind and water get into your home during hurricanes and tornados, it will cause lots of damage. It’s less likely to happen if you install sturdy exterior doors, which usually come with a deadbolt lock + an extra hinge.

Impact-rated garage doors play a role in keeping people safe too. Lots of debris will be flying around outside. If your garage extension doesn’t have a secure roof, it could be ripped off once heavy winds get inside.

5. Storm Shutters On Your Windows

Permanent storm shutters are more effective because terrible weather won’t wait for you to put temporary ones on. If you live somewhere with hurricanes and tornados, debris could easily smash through the glass.

Not only will it turn your home upside down, but missiles could hurt you. It’s also a good idea to keep your yard pretty clean at all times. There will be fewer objects flying around if there is less crap on the ground.

Don’t Forget About Your Home

You won’t have much time to save your home during a natural disaster, but these tips will help ensure it’s still standing when the danger is finally gone.