It doesn’t matter if it is a brand new or an old one, your car certainly deserves some TLC this summer. If you’re either trying to identify the ways to protect the leather seats of your vehicle from the usual damage generally caused by direct sunlight, you should certainly ensure that you are keeping juice box spills at bay. Additionally, here are some tried and tested perfect tips for keeping the interior of your vehicle in tip-top shape when the weather begins to heat up really. From shade to the Best Car Seat Covers Australia, keeping it cool has always been a daunting task.

Dash Shade

You obviously understand that when you park your vehicle in direct sunlight, it will certainly bake the inside of the vehicle, but what you never realize is that it could in-fact harm the interior of your car in the longer run. The sun’s rays can do multiple damages to the interior of your vehicle as it can fade, discolour, and crack the interior of your vehicle over time. As a result, it decreases the quality and value of your vehicle significantly. A dash cover can certainly help in reflecting the direct sunlight, which will not only result in ensuring the longevity of the interior of your vehicle but also keep it cooler for your return. Rear and side window covers also protect leather car seats from sun damage. Additionally, you should keep your car parked out of the reach of the direct sunlight whenever possible.

Vacuum on a regular basis

A majority of people forget that vacuums aren’t only for homes. Regular vacuuming will certainly keep your car in amazing shape and help avoid that “gritty” feeling as you settle onto the car seats. It’s specifically vital during summer as crumbs and debris can easily get baked onto your seats and into the carpet due to the hot sun that leaves you with an unlikeable stench and a mess that is hard-to-clean. If you have costly leather seats, this is exactly what you need to buy to protect leather car seats from sun damage and different food stains. You can use the different nozzle sizes on your vacuum easily to access immobile places in your car such as under and between seats.

Clean and Treat

When the impending spill happens, you must ensure that you spot clean your seats and carpets straight away with a cleaning product that will certainly help you prevent unsightly stains. A seat conditioner is a perfect treatment to add to your routine to help keep leather and vinyl seats supple, smooth and shiny for many years to come.

Seat Covers

You must be wondering about the protection of your leather car seats from sun damage? Bench Seat Covers are one of the best ways to keep bench seats looking brand new, years down the road, without constant cleaning and maintenance. Custom seat covers can fit ideally to the seats of your car, hence no UV rays can get through the side windows to fade,discolour or crack your seats.

Floor Mats Floor mats are an amazing way to keep your car neat and clean this summer as it protects your vehicle from mud, sand, and water stains. They can easily soak, catch and trap dirt hence it never gets rubbed into the carpet of your car, and they’re evidently quick and easy to clean too. Additionally, you should also keep your carpet dry, which plays a pivotal part to avoid mould, mildew, and a perpetual smell that can never be fixed by an air freshener. You should never forget floor mats for both front and back seats.