According to a recent survey, 1 in 4 Americans says that they find it difficult to afford prescription drugs.

Are you in need of prescription drugs but can’t afford the cost of medication? You’re not the only one.

Keep reading, and we’ll fill you in on a few different ways that you can help lower the cost to something more affordable.

1. Compare Prices

First, you should shop around and see if you can find the best price. 

PricePro Pharmacy medications might be cheaper than something you’d find at a local CVS or Walgreens. Most people don’t even think about where they’ll get their medication and just go to a CVS or Walgreens.

You may even find more savings if you buy from a big-box store. There are easy ways to compare prices and medications. There are apps that will use your zip code and do all the comparing for you.

2. Find a Generic Drug

Not all drugs are the same. Some are prescription, name-brand medications, and some are generic medications. Not every drug has a generic version though. 

If there is a generic version, they have the same active ingredients and effects as the brand-name drugs, but they often cost a lot less. 

Always ask the pharmacist or doctor if this is an available option and if they will write you a prescription for it. Many popular expensive medications are available generically or over-the-counter. 

3. Talk to Insurance

If you’re trying to save money on your prescriptions, ask your insurance provider if they can give you a drug formulary.

This is a list of all the medications that they will cover. You should take this list to your doctor and see if you can find one that is cost-efficient and effective. 

4. Look for Coupons

There are many coupons available for drugs as well. Some pharmacies will give you coupons to try new prescriptions or for ones that aren’t selling well right now. 

There are even many apps that will help you collect all the best coupons and prices so you know that you’re getting the best deal.

5. Talk to Healthcare Provider

When in doubt, talk to your healthcare provider. Communication is important if you want to find a way to take care of your health and your wallet. 

Your doctor may inform you of generic versions or even some over-the-counter options that might work best for you. Sometimes they’ll even be able to prescribe you a lower dose to help cut your costs.

Discover More Ways to Manage Cost of Medication

These are only a few ways to manage the cost of medication to make it more affordable, but there are many more tricks you can try.

We know that dealing with the cost of healthcare, in general, can be overwhelming, which is why we’re here to help.

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