A virtual office can benefit your business in many ways. It can help reduce overhead costs, improve your employees’ work-life balance, increase job satisfaction, and improve employee retention. According to the Owl Labs’ UK State of Remote Work report, 45% of office workers are willing to pay a cut to keep working from home. What’s more, 41% would likely leave their job if their employer forced them to return to the office.

So, getting a virtual office and allowing employees to work from home can help you grow your business and become more profitable. You’ll cut out the commute, eliminate workplace distractions, and make your team happier and more productive.

However, setting up a virtual office and enabling remote work isn’t always enough for a big productivity boost. You need to motivate your employees to be more productive and maximize their potential. Here are the essential steps you should take.

1.    Hire a Virtual Assistant

Virtual offices come with several different services for boosting your business. Some only offer business mail handling, while others provide call answering and forwarding services, customer support, conference rooms to use on an ad hoc basis, and more. One of the most useful services you can get at a virtual office is a virtual assistant. They can handle all your administrative tasks, such as scheduling appointments, organizing paperwork, making phone calls, and managing your email accounts.

A virtual assistant can also handle your email marketing, content marketing, social media accounts, and SEO. Imagine how much time employees can save, enabling them to complete their crucial tasks more efficiently and effectively. So, visit a trusted registered office address service provider in London and find a skilled and experienced virtual assistant. They will save you considerable time and money and supercharge your team’s productivity.

2.Maintain Seamless Communication with Remote Employees

Setting up a virtual office means no distractions from colleagues, which should help your workers finish their tasks on time. However, working from home comes with its own set of distractions, such as kids and pets. That’s why it’s vital to stay connected with your team. There’s a wealth of real-time communication and collaboration tools you can utilize to improve employee productivity and keep them in the loop.

You should also schedule regular video-conferences to boost collaboration and communication further. Many virtual offices offer AV (audiovisual) technology services so that you can have virtual meetings in a professional setting. Keep in mind that frequent virtual meetings can be distracting, demotivating, and stressful. They can negatively affect your team’s productivity and performance.

According to one study on remote work effects, 38% of employees working from home feel exhausted after daily virtual meetings, while 30% find them a bit stressful. So, stay connected, but don’t go overboard.

3. Enable Flexible Work Schedules

There’s not an employee who doesn’t favor a flexible work schedule. Being able to make their own time improves their job satisfaction and motivates them to go the extra mile to achieve the necessary goals. Remote work usually equals flexible work, depending on the company. But when you have a virtual office with a virtual assistant who does most of the time-consuming tasks, there’s no reason not to enable flexible work schedules.

Just make sure your employees know how to manage time effectively and meet all the deadlines. You wouldn’t want them slacking off just because they can set their work hours. Help them set priorities and become masters of time management, and their productivity will spike before you know it.

4. Focus on Performance and Business Goals

When you have a virtual office, you can’t monitor when your employees clock in and out, when they take breaks, or how much time they spend on specific tasks. Sure, there are time-tracking tools you can use, but those can only put pressure on your workers. To boost productivity, focus on performance. Ensure your team works with your business goals in mind to maximize their performance because that’s what fosters responsibility and accountability.

When they work towards your business goals, they will be more proactive and find the best ways to achieve them. They’ll make the most of their time to perform better and make their every effort count.

5.Incentivize Employees Regularly

Incentives are always crucial for motivating employees and boosting their productivity, but they’re even more significant with remote teams. Remote workers often feel isolated and need to know their employer recognizes all their hard work. Incentives are an excellent way to build a recognition culture and show your workers you appreciate them. They encourage them to go above and beyond to complete their tasks more productively and reach various goals and objectives.

Your remote employee incentives can be anything from monetary rewards, gift cards, and paid time-off to event tickets, experiences, and wellness programs. Have your virtual office assistant find out what motivates your teammates and provide them with personalized incentives for a motivation and productivity boost.


As you can see, a virtual office doesn’t have to disconnect you from your team and negatively affect their productivity and overall performance. With these simple tips, you can supercharge employee productivity and ensure long-term business success.

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