All small businesses, national companies, and even international enterprises put a lot of their time, money, and effort into building a strong and credible website. With the digital era, more companies are closing the doors of their physical shops and opening virtual doors to their customers.

Websites hold a much larger value to a business than they did so in the past, and these virtual pages can play a significant role in your business’s overall success. Namely, a good website can attract numerous new customers, while a poor website can drive away even the existing ones.

However, how can you know whether you have a good or a bad website? That’s where link building comes in handy. With it, you can manipulate and boost your website’s page ranking, raise brand awareness, and therefore attract more clients.

What Is Link Building?

In layperson terms, link building is the process of creating a bond between two websites. You can include hyperlinks from other websites, let other websites include your hyperlink, or both. It’s one of the most critical features Google considers when ranking the pages, and it’s one of the crucial parts of SEO.

As per many SEO experts link building is the hardest part of their job, as it requires constant attention, re-configuration, and numerous other changes. That’s why you should always opt for the best link-building agency and get great results in return.

Good link building improves your page ranking, which further results in many other benefits. The following are the five ways link building boosts your page ranking-

Boosting Page Ranking

1.      Raising Brand Awareness

With good link building, you can improve your brand’s visibility as you’re increasing the chances of other people coming across your business. Link building builds your brand awareness on websites in a related field.

With link building improving your brand awareness, more people will visit your website and choose your products or services instead of other rival companies. In that way, you can always come first and hold the upper hand in the competitive market.

High and positive brand visibility will also increase your website’s credibility, so over time, you’ll boost your page ranking and have the ability to change the link-building structure and incorporate more high-authority links.

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2.      Preferring Quality Over Quantity

In the past, professional SEO experts believed that, when it comes to link building, the more, the merrier. Some people doing their own SEO still support this method, but recently it doesn’t seem that’s the case.

Today, it’s better to have fewer high-authority links than dozens of unimportant ones. Even a single high-authority and credible link can immensely raise your page ranking to the level multiple weaker websites can’t reach.

So, don’t fall into the trap of accepting all kinds of link-building offers, as they can even harm your current reputation. Always aim for quality over quantity when it comes to your brand, so only choose the best.

3.      Creating Diversity

While link building, another thing you should keep in mind is diversity. Still retaining quality over quantity, you’ll want to aim for diverse websites tackling as many trending issues as possible.

Namely, if you repeatedly use one website, you don’t get much diversity since you’re always linking to quite a narrow audience with specific interests. Instead, use various websites addressing numerous different topics and niches to increase your chances of being noticed.

With a broader audience, you have more chances of succeeding and raising your page ranking than just by catering to a specific group of people. So, finding the equilibrium between quality and diversity is the key to success.

4.      Building Partnerships

When you’re making deals with other website owners and influencers about mutual link building, you can meet some great people in your industry and form various business partnerships in the future. Both parties can benefit from collaborations and partnerships, so don’t miss out on those opportunities.

Building partnerships with other highly influential people in your industry can further improve your brand’s visibility, which results in clients supporting and trusting in your brand, mission, and vision. It automatically boosts your page ranking and earns you more profit in return.

5.      Removing Harmful Links

The last point deals more with reducing than boosting. Maybe you’re doing everything we mentioned above but still don’t witness the visible results. The most typical cause is harmful link building.

In reality, no one needs permission to link to your website, so some people might take advantage of that. You may find links from implausible and untrustworthy websites that negatively influence your website’s ranking.

By regularly going through your links and removing all harmful ones will automatically raise your webpage’s ranking.


Having some understanding and knowledge in SEO, specifically in link building, can help you improve your website’s SEO ranking. Having these five tips in mind, you can do a bit of link building even by yourself. After some time, you’ll be amazed by the outcome and the improvement of your page ranking.