You’ll need sophisticated glass software to match if you’re a genuine glass company trying to grow. GlassManager enables you to manage jobs in phases, modify quotations as necessary, and invoice jobs partially or entirely. Additionally, it can be pre-populated with your cost and sell pricing, enabling you to create accurate quotes quickly.

GlassManager, point-of-sale glass software for the glass industry that is customized to your unique requirements. Learn about the glass producer. Finding out what is happening, such as where they are making and losing money, how well particular products and services are performing, who their best salespeople are, what the margin on each job is, etc., is often the most challenging aspect of the job for many of the glass company executives we speak with. The absence of this information makes it more difficult for a glass company to make well-informed decisions on how to advance their business. Here GlassManager can be helpful.

Glass shop software features that will benefit your glass business:

  1. Mobile App

GlassManager provides the freedom to use our mobile app to work from any location. On the move, employees may access tasks, check the task calendar, log in, and contribute files, photos, and notes to a project, estimate, or work order.


  • Review your to do list in any place.
  • Access your personal task calendar
  • Look for specific job information
  • Get directions to job sites on Google Maps
  • Color coded tasks to easily distinguish new, in progress and completed tasks
  • Upload images, notes and documents from the field


  • Record the time spent on every job.
  • Clock in and out from tasks
  • Record breaks, travel time, office time and working time separate
  • Submit timesheet for manager’s approval

Extra features

  • Receive payments on the go
  • Request customers sign offs
  • Receive news and notifications on the field
  • Estimates and Quotes

GlassManager makes it quick and simple to generate and distribute glass quotes to your clients. Send emails and attachments from the Glass software, choose and enter specified materials and templates, and give your clients online access to estimates so they can evaluate, approve, and even make deposits whenever they want from any device.

Fast & Flexible Glass Estimating

To ensure uniformity among staff members from one quote to the next, descriptions of products and services can be kept and reused again.

  • Edit estimates at any time
  • Prepare accurate glass estimates and professional quotes quickly using predefined materials
  • Access customized templates for different jobs
  • Group materials for better job organization
  • Give different material options and packages for customers to choose from
  • Build Items with multiple materials
  • AIA Style Billing

Direct access from GlassManager to your AIA projects management. Using a single tool, you can schedule values, complete the necessary forms, and bill clients based on progress.

*Available to US customers only.

AIA Projects

  • Record architect information for your project
  • Create a Schedule of Values
  • Invoice your customer according to the progress of the project
  • Automatic creation of application and certificate for payment and continuation sheet
  • Automatically calculate retainage values
  • Account Integration

Popular accounting software can be combined with GlassManager to provide a precise and efficient connectivity, quicker billing, better cash flow, and synchronization between your service and accounting departments without the need for repeated data entry. giving you more time to continue improving your business, cutting costs, and maintaining a competitive edge.

Accounting Software

Popular accounting software from the US and Canada can be seamlessly connected to GlassManager by integration.

  • QB Desktop US and Canadian Versions
  • QB Online US and Canadian Versions
  • Sage 50 Desktop US and Canadian Versions
  • Sage 50cloud US and Canadian Versions
  • Reports and Dashboards

Obtain total insight into your company with a real-time dashboard and simple to create reports that assist in determining profitability and employee efficiency.


  • Have a better understanding of how your company is performing with easy access to information.
  • Easy access to information at a glance
  • Complete and clear dashboards and graphs
  • Quick access to jobs


  • Generate a wide variety of reports, with detailed information.
  • Valuable and beneficial information according to report
  • Filters for specific and detailed information
  • Export reports in Excel, PDF and other formats

GlassManager is a Premier Glass Shop Software to run your Company in a Simple and Efficient way. See GlassManager pricing and Start Saving Money & Growing Your Business Now