Getting a settlement after a car accident in Bryan, TX is no easy task. It often involves the expertise of a car accident lawyer and a lot of patience to reach a favorable conclusion. Nevertheless, if you’ve been injured in an accident, it may be worth pursuing a settlement to help you recover from physical and mental pain and suffering, as well as any property damage that occurred along the way.

1. Getting Your Claim Started Immediately

In the aftermath of a serious accident, most people are stressed and dealing with injuries or figuring out how to get back to work. Once the initial report is filed and a claim is made with the insurance company, they just assume that everything will work itself out. In truth, you could be wasting precious time by waiting on insurance companies to get around to your case. Having a lawyer means that you have an advocate who can pursue your claim and ensure that everything is filed in a timely manner.

2. Tracking Your Losses

Before you start dreaming of a huge payday, you should know that car accident settlements are determined using actual data from your accident and the professionals around you. In order to make a claim for a large settlement, your attorney will help you gather medical bills, repair receipts, documentation of lost wages, and more. All of this will be used to determine what your actual loss was as a direct result of the accident.

Be prepared for your car accident lawyer to dig deep because you can’t just add things to the bill without cause. For instance, prior injuries or damage to your vehicle can’t be tossed onto the pile to make your case look worse than it is. Doing so would only hurt your chances for a win in court.

3. Shielding You From the Adjuster

Most insurance adjusters probably don’t think of themselves as the enemy, but your attorney might think differently. It’s important to keep in mind that the adjuster’s job is to keep their agency profitable, and they do that by paying out as little as possible to victims of accidents. Adjusters will often call the injured party and fish for reasons to deny their claim or reduce the amount of the payout. To the unsuspecting victim, this conversation may not set off any alarm bells, but it could be enough to change the course of your entire settlement.

When you hire an attorney to handle your car accident settlement, you are giving yourself an additional barrier against loss. When the adjuster calls, all you have to do is redirect them to your car accident lawyers in Bryan, Texas and let them handle the questions.

4. Setting the Timeline

Another important part of your attorney’s job is making sure that the case is progressing in a timely fashion. If you’ve been seriously injured and out of work as a result of your accident, you need a settlement before you fall behind on bills or lose your home. Your attorney can be instrumental in pushing the case forward and ensuring that the other party is not dragging their feet before paying you out.

5. Fighting for the Best Outcome in Bryan, TX

Nobody wants to spend time in court after they’ve been in an accident, especially if the case is expected to go through several extensions and appeals. A Bryan, TX attorney can help you fight for the best outcome, whether that means settling quickly out of court or pushing for the highest possible settlement amount. The seriousness of your injury and your personal wishes will help them determine what kind of outcome to seek and how to get you what you deserve.

What Kind of Settlement Can You Expect? 

Despite advertisements promising hundreds of thousands of dollars in settlements for any accident, you are far more likely to receive something in the $10,000 ballpark. Settlement amounts are typically grouped by severity, where injuries that cause paralysis, major brain injuries, or require surgery deserve a larger settlement than minor injuries that are not considered life-altering. In addition, even if you suffered a major injury, your settlement can be reduced if partial blame is placed on you.

In order to get a good assessment of what your case could be worth, it is best to speak with an attorney directly. Since most accident attorneys work on a contingency basis, they will be able to give you the best possible idea of what your case is worth and how they can fight for you. The sooner you begin working on your case, the more likely you are to have the evidence required for a favorable outcome. Don’t wait to contact a quality attorney who can get your suit started.