A generator is a device that usually transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. It is mainly used as a backup to produce power during outages. This article lists down some of the few types of generators out there. It also highlights some of the features that come with the generator. 

Many devices require electricity to function. However, an electricity supply is not always very reliable. This situation might lead to production problems for large and small businesses, Here is a diesel power generator for sale. which in the long run may lead to losses. It is also a problem for households that require electricity to operate.

Generators have other functions other than acting as power backups. They may act as a temporary source of power in remote areas and lack electricity. They also may serve as a permanent supply source when the electricity cost becomes too expensive. You need to know the various types of generators that are out there. It allows you to buy a generator that meets your needs.

  1. Portable generator

This generator has an engine powered by gas that rotates an onboard alternator. This process, in turn, generates electrical power. Connecting the generator with appliances is easy and safe to use. It is also energy-efficient and has a longer runtime if maintained well. However, they have limited use, and they release poisonous gases. They are also very loud and produce excess heat.

The features of a portable generator include an electric start, a fuel gauge, multiple outlets, a removable console and a low-oil shutoff.

2.  Diesel generator 

It is a generator with a diesel engine and an electric generator. It works by transforming the chemical energy found in diesel fuel into mechanical energy by combustion. The diesel generator has a low maintenance cost and is very durable. It is reliable and more rugged. It, however, release lethal exhaust fumes and are very heavy.

The features of a diesel generator include power output, cooling system, control system, an alternator, voltage regulator and a battery charger.

3.  Inverter generator

There are many portable generators for sale in Kenya, like an inverter generator. It is a modified portable generator that comes with an inverter. They are quiet, have less distortion, and lower carbon emissions. However, they are costly and have a much less power output.

Its features include high fuel efficiency, are much lighter and smaller, and can adjust its engine speed depending on the demand.

4.  Solar generator 

It is a portable generator that works with solar panels. Its primary function is to act as backup power. It is advantageous because it uses free energy from the sun, has a low running cost, zero-emission of gases, and has no noise. However, it is temperature sensitive and unreliable.

Its features include an inverter, solar panels, a charge controller and a solar battery. 

5.  Gasoline generator 

It is a generator that generates gas through chemical reactions. This gas is used to run engines, usually for driving turbines. It is easy to use, much cleaner than diesel, and less costly than diesel. However, they are not safe for the environment because of the gas emission released. 


Many types of generators can be used for businesses and households. They come with different features and prices. Generators are handy devices because they ensure devices continue functioning even when there is a power shortage.