In today’s busy world, it can be so frustrating when there never seems to be the right date whereby you can arrange for all your girlfriends to be free on the same night of the week and all be in the same local area.

When this day is arranged, therefore, you will naturally want to make it as exciting, fun, and special as you possibly can be and if you are the host of such a girl’s night in, then continue reading for five top tips. 

  1. Get Everyone to Bring a Game

Board games and card games, especially these days with games such as Cards Against Humanity, are by no means just reserved for children and teenagers and, as such, there is no way better way to have a laugh whilst you catch up with your friends than with a night of board games

Ask each one of your girlfriends to bring their favorite game along with them and then you can have the pick of what to play as the drinks are flowing. 

  1. Order a Mobile Service to Your Home

It may well be the case that you all have so much to catch up on that there simply will not be enough time for organized activities, but if the girls are staying over and you are intending on making a weekend of it, then ordering a mobile service is a great idea.

For the ultimate girls’ night, you could look into ordering a mobile cocktail-making service, which would not only ensure there are plenty of exciting and tasty drinks to go around throughout the night, but you’ll also learn how to make your own for the future. Other mobile services you could alternatively consider include mobile gin and vodka tasting, wine tasting, or even a mobile pamper party. 

  1. Make Party Bags as Souvenirs

Another surefire way for this particular girl’s night in to be remembered long into the future is to send your friends home with custom-made party bags, containing everything from stocking fillers from My Amazing Fantasy to little notes of friendship too.

Additionally, if you are somewhat of a dab hand at baking, handmade cookies would be a tasty treat to add to the party bags.

  1. Hire a Professional Photographer

Hiring the services of a professional photographer, if only for an hour at the beginning of the evening, will make for a fabulous official reminder of getting together finally as a friendship group. 

You could even get each friend to wear one item of the same color, or else all come dressed as your favorite character from a mutually loved television show. 

  1. Don’t Bother Cooking

Unless, of course, you love to cook. The last thing you want is to have finally gotten all the girls together, only to discover that you spent half the night or more in the kitchen. Instead, order some pizzas or another popular takeaway food and enjoy spending the entire night having fun and catching up.