We do easily underestimate how much waste we generate when we do a clean-out, restoration, or demolition. Now, if you are renting a skip bin, it’s critical that you select the appropriate size. Many people do not take this seriously, and as a result, they wind up needing to overload their skip. However, what are the reasons that end up overloading the skip bin?

Before starting off the real reason, here is one most important to mention and that your location. Yes, that matters! Say, you are residing in Melbourne and it is one of those cities that does not compromise on cleanliness, also, Melbourne is the coastal capital of the southeastern Australian state of Victoria so it has to be tidy. So, you cannot afford a single piece of warper, and hence skip bin hire in Melbourne becomes a must. Apart from the location or norms, this shall be our practice too! Therefore, here are the top reasons that cause overloaded bins so you would avoid them in future.

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1.   Hiring The Wrong Size Skip:

Most businesses provide skip bins in a variety of sizes. You must first precisely estimate the amount of trash you need to dispose of before selecting the appropriate skip size. This is undeniably difficult. As a result, many people hire skip bins that are either too tiny or too huge for their needs. You will have to pay more if you hire the wrong size skip. With 4 Waste walk-in skip bins, however, you won’t have this problem.

Most skip bins are only available in two sizes: 6m3 and 8m3. You will never have to worry about hiring the wrong size skip bin in Melbourne again if you do your research properly. Because one-size-fits-all strategy, you can simply fit all of your rubbish into a single skip.

2.   Putting The Wrong Kind Of Rubbish In A Skip:

Different skip bins are designed to gather various types of rubbish. Many people make the mistake of putting the wrong type of rubbish in skips. Before you hire a skip bin in Melbourne, make sure you know what kind of rubbish you have.

3.   Exceeding The Weight Limit:

Many times, people have been encountered who overfill skip bins, despite the fact that they should only be filled, not overflowing. If you are renting a skip bin, make sure you do not overfill it or go over the weight limit. Transporting overfilled skip bins is subject to severe regulations. As a result, if you overfill your container, there will be no choice but to take the rubbish and deposit it at your home. Your garbage should not weigh more than 1,000 kg in terms of weight constraints.

4.   Refusal To Recycle:

Many Melbourne residents are still unaware that not all garbage must be disposed of in landfills. Green garbage, also known as garden waste, consists of grass cuttings, leaves, twigs, branches, and other vegetation that may all be recycled and should be taken to a recycling center.

5.   Not Doing Any Comparison Shopping To Find A Decent Offer:

When it comes to leasing a skip bin in Melbourne, do not go with the first firm you come across. Either you will pay more than you should or you will receive poor service. Before hiring a skip bin, always conduct some online research. You will be able to find the greatest and most cheap service providers in the area this way.


What Are the Consequences Of Filling A Skip Bin Too Full?

It is impossible to emphasize how dangerous it is to overload a skip bin. The following are some of the dangers:

1.    Injuries:

All of the jagged, sharp edges protruding from the top and sides of the skip can be dangerous to you, passers-by, and the employees managing the bin. If this hazardous trash spills, it could injure others or create traffic accidents.

This scenario poses a serious threat to overflowing skip bins, which is why we are unable to take your extra rubbish. As a result, when this problem arises, we encourage our customers to clear up the excess garbage.

During travel, the things in the skip must be secured. If they spilled out of the trash, there would very certainly be accidents and injuries on the road.

2.    It Can Cause Problems To The Neighbors:

Before your skip bin comes, you should notify your neighbors. Remember that the container must be reachable. You will need a skip bin license if you do not have one. It should also not obstruct the street or road. After all, a skip, especially one that is overloaded, can be unattractive.

Aside from that, you can end up causing problems with your neighbors. After all, they are aware that an overflowing skip bin poses a safety threat.

3.    Legalities:

It should be enough to dissuade you from overfilling a skip if you break the law. The workers of any waste bin company you employ will refuse to transport your overflowing trash. Skip businesses must abide by laws, thus your overfilled container will be rejected.


Before you hire a skip bin in Melbourne, you should be sure to avoid a few common blunders. Never hire a skip that is too small. Make sure you only put the right kind of rubbish in a skip. Never overfill a skip or go over the weight limit. Always remember to recycle, and make sure you check around for the greatest value before deciding on a service provider.