Finding a perfect white t-shirt? That’s the dream. It has been a classic go-to fashion style for both genders. That is saying that “It is a bummer” when your white shirt is stained with something is an understatement.

To avoid that situation, please follow the advice below on how to maintain white clothes. Not gonna hold you for too long, so here’s the list of tips: 

1. Wash your whites every after wear.

Your white clothes are very delicate. A small stain can ruin its look, losing its neatness and presentability. Aside from external stains like food, paint, and mud, there is an internal stain that you cannot see. It is called invisible body soils and perspiration. It can turn white clothes gray or yellow over time. So to prevent that from happening, wash your clothes immediately every after wear.

2. Treat stains as soon as you can.

Spots from food such as maple syrup and tomato sauce are always treatable, but things that are not visible to our naked eye, like sweat marks, should be laundered as soon as possible in order to prevent build-up too.

Just follow this simple step: Rub a full-strength liquid enzyme detergent of your choice and apply it to the underarm area. After that, let your shirt sit for 15 minutes before throwing it into the washing machine.

3. Always choose a laundry detergent that contains bleach and use the right amount.

Also, bleach alternatives are great alternatives (bluing agent is a great example). A simple reason: Bleach gets whiter during a wash cycle. As for the bluing agent, it makes your white fabric look blue-white instead of yellow-white which is visually neat and presentable.

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No matter how top tier your laundry detergent, it won’t result in a desirable one if you use too much or too little of it. Too much detergent can cause suds and debris which can result in a foul odor in the long run. Meanwhile, too little detergent is like laundering with normal water.

4. Proper clothing color sorting.

A laundry expert will always say this: Separate white and colored clothes. A very basic laundry rule that people tend to bypass. This must be always a must. Why? Because there are tendencies that colored clothing will bleed during a wash cycle which can be a disastrous thing to your whites and light-colored garments.

5. Follow Garment Label

It must be absolute. A garment label instruction is as easy as breathing yet many people never care to read and follow. A garment label is scientifically studied to prolong and maintain the quality of your whites. If you do not follow it religiously, your whites can be damaged permanently.

If you are lazy to read and follow garment labels, it is highly suggested to stay away from your weekly laundry batch and ask help from your local dry cleaning expert.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all these pro tips on maintaining white clothes, you can now confidently wear your whites whenever you want. And please keep in mind that, being successful in your laundry, in general, is also about enthusiasm and experience.


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