Have you ever considered about selling your property, and how you will be doing this? About 90% of house owners look for a real estate agent or broker to buy or sell their houses. So selecting the right agent can be a tough task for a smooth real estate transaction.

Agents can get more extensive exposure for your property, help you intervene better, dedicate more time towards your sale and prevent your emotions from vandalizing. However, you can also contact Kellog Idaho real estate agents to get the more detailed listed properties.

To help you with this task, start fixing an appointment with the agent and ask them a few queries.

Evaluate Their Prevalent Skill

A right broker must have all the information at their fingertips and back it up with updated data. Also, they should comprehend the demanding psychology. It accomplishes not counting how long they have been in the market; instead, ask them how well they know the local market.

Ask them how many properties sold in the last 3 months in their area and at what price? Also, ask them questions like “what are the prices of equivalent properties?”

Marketing Tactics

Ask your broker for a detailed illustration of everything they will do to put your property. Do they hold any creative ideas that can endorse your standpoint property? Since digital marketing is in trend, people prefer to view samples on the web. Ensure that your agent includes a professional photographer in the marketing package who will capture every detailed aspect of the property with an astonishing view and highlight all the unique features your house has.

Discuss the commission

When it comes to the commission,  it’s safe to say that it is never set in stone; there can be possibilities for negotiations. However, there is a standard commission rate in the market, somewhere around 6%, which gets split between the sales agent and the buyer’s agent.

A budget discussion should be the priority before you start paying sales-related expenses; this will clearly illustrate how much you are paying commission to an agent and how much you will save for yourself.

Way To Communicate

Ensure that your agent will be easily reachable, especially when you have related questions or updates regarding the property. Inform your agent how to communicate since texting is inappropriate for all legal discussions. Instead, a phone call or an email will be the best option.

Check with your agent if they have a good backup staff to answer all your queries when they are unavailable. Make sure not to let anyone visit the property unless the representative is available.

Choose Someone With Whom You Get Well-Connected

Expertise in the respective job is important, but chemistry also matters with your agent. The agent will be with whom you will spend a great deal of time for the next couple of months.

Becoming a best of friends with an agent is not required, but you have to get well connected with them. The right agent will answer all your questions, make you understand the whole process, and listen to you very carefully without adding any stress. Blending these points will be easier for both parties to get along and understand each other intuitively.


Communication is the key to any real estate deal. If your agent responds in a reasonable amount of time with better opportunities, you are not missing out on anything. It would be best to have a real agent who is highly responsive and honest with their responsibilities to provide you with a fruitful closure.